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Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan

Web Plan Summary

The website will, of course, show visitors everything about Belgian food culture, including the history of french fries over time. To make the website interactive, Fresin Fries will offer gift cards and promotions via the Internet, so our visitors can print the promotional coupon in PDF format and bring it when they visit Fresin Fries. Visitors can also download Fresin Fries' theme song as ring tones, or order potato cutters for delivery.

Besides the traditional formats of customer service hotline and in-store form, customers can now write their comments and suggestions on our website, which will be directed to one of our staff.

So, the website itself will act as the medium between our company and our audience.

In the future, our website will show information on franchising/licensing our brand name.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

We will leverage the visibility of our shopping mall's website by getting them to include a link to ours. We will also post banners on an official Singapore tourism website.

6.2 Development Requirements

To adequately serve our audience, the front end strategy of our website should be parallel with our corporate color. The front end design of our website will be entirely trusted to Mr. Guy Fry.

The diversity of founders' background in our company has enabled a cost efficient development in our venture. As Mr. Harry Hip and Mr. Carl Cone are experts in Information Technology, the back end of our website will be developed by these gentlemen.

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