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Family Medicine Clinic Business Plan


In general, Park Square Family Medicine will provide general care for all ages, as well as providing multiple procedures to create a complete health care solution. Park Square Family Practice will provide procedures including but not limited to mole removals, biopsies, and trigger point injections, and much more. We will also incorporate multiple modalities, such as cryotherapy, hyfrecator, shaving, and excisional removal of lesions and biopsies. The costs will depend upon the materials used, the physician's time and the amount designated for each procedure.

Park Square Family Medicine philosophy is that optimal health and performance can be attained through the proper balance of exercise, nutrition, and education. Our goal is to educate our patients as well as treat them. Therefore, our services will also provide group classes and teaching sessions for our patients. Subjects could include nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, and much more.

Park Square Family Medicine will focus on each individual case. After each procedure and where appropriate, each patient will be offered education in rehabilitation, nutrition and exercise as it relates to each particular case. Our goal is to create the most well-rounded experience for each patient in order to optimize their health.

Park Square Family Medicine will maintain privacy according to HIPAA rules. All patients will be welcome, including the ones with no insurance. No one will be turned down for medical care. Our clinic will hold no prejudice to race, creed, color or socioeconomic status. Everyone will be welcome for great medical care at Park Square Family Medicine.

Park Square Family Medicine will provide the following services, among others:


  • PAP Tests
  • Annual Well Women Exam
  • Family Planning
  • Acute Gyn Problems


  • Newborn Care
  • Infant Care
  • Annual Physicals
  • Routine Services
  • Possible Immunizations


  • Removal of minor lesions, skin tags, moles and warts
  • Biopsies of suspicious dermatological lesions and/or referral
  • Allergy Testing and shots
  • Tetanus
  • Pneumovax
  • Immunizations



Minor Surgery:

  • Laceration Repair
  • Lesion Removals
  • Hyfrecation for Lesions and Blemishes

Adult Medicine

  • Preventative and Routine Services
  • Diabetic Teaching
  • Nutritional/ Dietician Services
  • Exercise and Obesity Counseling
  • Cardiology:
    • EKGs
    • Possible Stress Testing (Future Service)

Information Management and Technology

In order to comply with HIPAA laws and improve efficiency of billing, we will use a secure, networked, electronic medical records system.


The clinic will use the most advanced computer, server and software systems, as well as Internet connections, in order to optimize the potential EMR and PMS systems software as well as in other software and network system utilized resulting in faster verification, efficient patient information transfer, reduction in administrative costs, computer breakdown or malfunction, as wells as allowing outside access for the physician in order to access important patient information for hospital admissions and in other important situation where information is needed about the patient in optimizing the care of the patient.


Park Square Family Medicine will utilize an outside electronic medical billing company. This will allow the medical practice to focus primarily on patient care satisfaction. The electronic medical billing company will use electronic claim billing and filing, which in turn will allow us to fully utilize the benefits of electronics claim filing (i.e. faster payment for processing insurance claims) while at the same time allowing us to maximize valuable clinic time and man power. The billing company charges 7% of the total expenses collected.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

Park Square Family Practice is strongly considering EMR, in order to secure the success and efficiency of the office. Below are a few of the benefits and features we may expect to gain from utilizing the EMR system. This technology is expected to increase the systematic approach for each patient, while at the same time decreasing risk while maximizing profits. We feel that all of these technological enhancements will increase our chances of success.


Increases Revenue by allowing more patient to be seen without working harder or longer, improves collections through management of referral and eligibility data, tracks managed care contracts, managed care payments/bonuses, provides valuable tools to generate research income, and provides for coding optimization.

Reduces Expenses by reducing transcription costs, data analysis costs, paper storage and access costs, staff costs, and paper/forms costs.

Reduces Risks by improving the quality of documentation, maintaining security and integrity of data, checks for drug interactions, helps to analyze payer relationships, and helps keep documentation and coding in compliance with laws.

Improves Quality by improving documentation, presenting and managing protocols, tracking and summarizing indicators, alerting providers, and helping to track recalls.






  • Document Generation
  • Workflow Management
  • Image Management
  • Electronic Superbill and Billing System Interface
  • Coding Optimization
  • Referral Management
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Contract Management
  • Outcomes Analysis
  • Lab Order Entry/ Lab Result Reporting
  • Follow-up/Recall Tracking
  • Patient Instructions
  • Fax Capability
  • Prescription Generation
  • Graphing
  • Voice Recognition Option
  • Advanced Security
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Scheduling Option

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