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Park Square Family Medicine


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Upon opening up a new General Practice such as Park Square Family Medicine, it is important to create momentum before the actual day of opening. In conjunction with a Marketing and Advertising Group this momentum will be created 1 month prior to the opening date. We will first try to get our name recognized in conjunction with promoting the location and the services we can offer.

We feel that the most important way to become established is create a presence among the community. The best way to create this is through a combination of the strategies outlined below, in order to accomplish greater visibility to prospective patients and institutions.

Marketing Materials

All written materials used to promote the medical office will share a professional and polished look and feel. Our office will carry our own leaflets, to be made available to all patients, containing factual information about the services provided. This leaflet will also contain some biographical information, location, photos and other promotional material. This leaflet will be used to help promote Park Square Family Medicine both as handouts for patients within the clinic, as well as potential patients outside the clinic.

The clinic will provide multiple education brochures from the AAFP. We will have an area where health information will be displayed and dispersed in the form of packets and brochures. In addition, patient information handouts will also be available via the EMR system and the website.

There will be a number of patient-friendly brochures, videos, mailings, and other materials used to promote the medical office. We will have multiple ads in magazines and newspapers, as well as a commercial to announce the opening of Park Square Family Practice.

Park Square Family Medicine will employ commercials, mail-outs that may include new patient discounts, yellow pages, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of advertising.

Promotional Events

We will set up an open house for surrounding businesses and potential patients to let them see our new clinic. During these open houses, we will provide HTN readings, glucose testing, and much more. We will consider having a blood drive in coordination with the local hospitals and Red Cross.

Park Square Family Medicine will hold health information workshops with the help of community organizations for the general public at Park Square Family Medicine, as well as in local and public areas of interest. Our goal will be to bring new patients into the clinic but to also create word of mouth. New patients will have time to ask questions about medicine and new patients will be introduced to the new clinic. Our goal is to meet and promote the clinic to as many people before the opening of the clinic, as well as after the clinic is open.


Park Square Family Medicine will become a member of the business community. We will join and attend key business events that will help promote our new business. We will also promote ourselves in local business directories. We will also network through various organizations, such as local churches, the Lyons club, the Rotary club, as well as the country club in order to promote and generate further interest in our services.

Park Square Family Medicine will incorporate reciprocal advertising with other nearby healthcare facilities, such as opticians, chiropractors, and hospitals. Park Square Family Medicine will obtain additional patients via ER referrals.


Park Square Family Medicine will adopt several strategies to ensure patient satisfaction and word of mouth advertising. First our hours will include after after-hours care and allow patients to come into clinic after they get off work. We will also be open on Saturdays. This means there will be several days that we will be open till 7:00 P.M. and that we will also be open on Saturdays.


Sales Plan

The sales process begins when a patient calls us, comes in for an appointment, or accompanies a family member to an appointment. In every interaction, we must be accessible, courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful.

The clinic will be located in the heart of town. Patients will easily be able to find the clinic. Signs will be posted in strategic places to help assure patients comfort in finding our location. We feel that our location is a great asset and will strengthen our future success.

Flexible Hours:
Park Square Medical Clinic will adopt several strategies to ensure patient satisfaction and word of mouth advertising. First, our hours will include after after-hours care and allow patients to come into clinic after they get off work. We will also be open on Saturdays. This means there will be several weekdays that we will be open till 7:00 P.M. and that we will be open on Saturdays. We will also take walk-ins in order to provide the best possible convenience for the patient.

Environment, Appearance, Etiquette and Overall Patient Experience:
The building will have a bright and cheerful appearance with flowers and plants to decorate the outside and inside of the office. There will be colorful and informative signs that will help them find the clinic. Upon arriving and entering the clinic the patient will be greeted with a smile.

Patients’ needs and concerns will be addressed and they will be asked politely to have a seat in the waiting room. Upon arrival to the waiting room they will experience comfortable seating, good lighting, soft music or T.V, reading material and the general comforts appreciated by any patient. The walls will have beautiful art and there may even be a fish tank. The clinic rooms will be professional, clean and organized and the walls will be decorated with medical posters that will help explain the most common conditions. During the consultation the doctor will have a white coat and tie and will conduct himself in a professional and courteous manner. After the consultation, the doctor or the nurse will escort the patient to the front where all further arrangements will be made. A courtesy reminder card will be filled our for patients’ convenience.

Pricing Strategy:
The pricing for consultations and visits, as well as any procedures will be billed according to industry standards. We will be consistent with our competitors and the national averages. Most pricing will be dependent upon agreements with the five largest insurers in the area.


Locations & Facilities

The start-up requirements include purchase of a building for use by the clinic. The building was built in 1931 and has undergone a complete remodeling.  The total office space will be approximately 1,158 sq. feet and the lot size is 115.5′ x 66′.  There is also a storage shed which is 10 x 12 ft.  The office is located just off the main street and the office has blacktop parking for eight cars plus a generous carport, as well as a wide driveway entrance for patient convenience.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Monthly Operational review with GMC
Jan 03, 2020
Open house
Jan 04, 2020
Begin First Appts
Mar 13, 2020
Close on Building
Sept 19, 2020
Redocorate and Funish Clinic
Oct 03, 2020
SIgn Contract with Medical Billing
Nov 07, 2020
Install and Test EMR system
Nov 14, 2020
Employee Training
Dec 05, 2020

Key Metrics

Key Metrics: 

  • # of patients using our private patient system for help and information. 
  • # of emails that are sent and returned between patients and doctor’s nurses. We want to be available. 
  • # of patients who make appts online vs calling. This allows us to cut our staff salaries if necessary without cutting services. 
  • Our doctors will have a blog, Facebook, and Twitter which address our patients general medical concerns. This is tricky because we do not want to encourage self diagnosis on the website, but do think that good general medical information. We can provide it. 
  • Understand the costs of running our office. 
  • Keep track of what services our doctors bill insurance for and how much the insurance reimburses for 
  • Our fees from insurance for being a participating provider. We need to keep track of how much that costs us vs who would still come if we were out of network