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Park Square Family Medicine



Ownership & Structure

Park Square Family Medicine will be created as a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Dr. Nathan Detroit, MD.


Management Team

Park Square Family Medicine will initially have two employees: a receptionist and a medical assistant. They will both be paid hourly wages and have health and dental benefits. As the practice grows, we will add additional personnel to help with referrals and additional responsibilities that will be needed at that time.

During the first year, Park Square Family Medicine’s physician (the clinic owner) will work full-time at the clinic, but will be paid directly by General Medicine, and all of his benefits and payroll taxes will be paid by them. Starting in the second year, the physician/owner will draw his salary directly from Park Square Family Medicine.

We will create a policy and procedures manual that will act as a guide and reference to sick pay, leave, vacation, hourly wages, payment, etc. The philosophies and guidelines in this manual will help maintain proper organizational structure.

There will be a mandatory staff meeting on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon. There will be a pre-written list of items that will address ways to improve the practice. Everyone is expected to attend. All employees, including the doctor, will be expected to continue to better themselves in regards to both skills and knowledge. The staff of the clinic will have specific duties that they will perform on a daily basis. They will be responsible for their individual duties and must complete them in a systematic time-efficient manner.

Once a month, Dr. Detroit will meet with each employee individually, and review their goals and performance for the month. Employees will have access to administrative consultants at General Medical for the first year, and will be expected to follow the suggestions that come out of joint meetings with Dr. Detroit and the consultants. Employees who consistently do a poor job will be written up and after two write-ups will be put on suspension. If the employee again fails to correct the problem that employee will be dismissed. All write-ups will occur in the presence of a witness and will be recorded.



Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
Receptionist $36,000 $36,720 $37,454
Medical Assistant $45,600 $46,512 $47,442
Physician (0.67) $70,000 $110,000