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Management Summary

ReHabiliments’ management philosophy is based upon responsibility, mutual respect, and profitability, and the founder believes that the company’s present and future growth are based upon:

  • Exceptional People
  • Social Responsibility
  • Uncompromising Commitment to Customer Service
  • Excellence
  • Commitment to Core Values

7.1 Management Team

Mr. L. Owerd Emlynes – Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  As the CEO, Mr. Emlynes will report to the Board of Directors and/or be assisted by a Board of Advisors.  He will have overall responsibility for all aspects of the company, including operations, marketing, strategy, financing, company culture, human resources, compliance regulations, sales, and public relations.  Mr.  Emlynes’s most important role is in setting the strategy and vision for ReHabiliments.  In addition, he will be responsible for steering the organization in budgets, partnerships, making final decisions on product/service lines, and industries.  Mr.  Emlynes has over thirteen years in the music and production industry in capacities ranging from bass guitarist musical director to choreographer and production manager.  In addition, he has extensive experience in fashion and design, working for Bonds Men’s Clothing Store for a number of years.  Although paralyzed from the chest down, L. Owerd is a motivational speaker, a professional racecar driver, a professional musician, an amateur body builder, a teen mentor, and an entrepreneur.

Ms. Ravel d’Eddge – Vice President of Business Development/Strategic Alliances.  The VP of Business Development/Strategic Alliances identifies, evaluates, and pursues the strategic and financial prospects of new market opportunities.  Ms. d’Eddge will direct the assessment of future markets and be responsible for coordinating commercial input to specific programs as necessary.  She will establish new strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and alliances, and follow through on all partnership activity, including the tracking, documenting, and status reporting of all collaboration along the business development pipeline.  Ms. d’Eddge will establish and implement appropriate development strategies, interact with existing corporate contacts, facilitate communication, track milestones, and identify opportunities for enhancing these relationships.  In addition, she will oversee the planning and execution of a comprehensive marketing strategy, including responsibility for the preparation of presentation and marketing materials for professional meetings, seminars, and conferences.  Ms. d’Eddge has a Master of Arts in Computer Resources and Information Management and a Master of Business Administration.  She has over eighteen years of experience in information management/technology and business, systems management and administration, business procedures documentation, business planning/development, and currently owns a business planning and development consulting business. 

Unfilled positions
Other management positions have not yet been filled.  We are currently talent scouting, and will begin the hiring process in April, 2004.  All management positions will be filled by June 1st, 2004.

7.2 Management Team Gaps

ReHabiliments lacks “seasoned” professional management (e.g., what investors call the “gray haired factor”) with experience in the retail apparel industry.  The company will require a strong finance manager to closely guard cash flow to ensure potential partners and investors that ReHabiliments’ finances are strong and support future growth.  As the company matures, it will actively pursue adding more experienced individuals to the team that meet “gray haired factor” requirements.

Additional, senior level positions that are currently open and have yet to be filled include: 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  This position is currently open within ReHabiliments.  As the CFO, the potential candidate will be responsible for day-to-day operations, including development of guidelines, distribution of resources authority consistent with planning, continuous review, and evaluation of performance, as well company overview of commitments against available financial resources and established schedules.  He will direct the development of and implement changes to financial reporting and management systems that are subject to frequent and major modifications, as well as recommend financial policies and procedures.  This individual will provide professional consultation to management regarding financial matters and in the application of information technology to support the operation of various accounting, auditing, or budgeting reporting systems and requirements.  In addition, he will serve as the primary contact for investors and investor-related issues.

Vice President of Product Management (VP/PM).  This position is currently open within ReHabiliments.  As the VP/PM, the potential candidate will establish current and long range objectives, plans, and policies, subject to approval by the Board of Directors, to create a technical vision for ReHabiliments.  This individual will plan for implementation of new products and/or product lines, dispense advice, guidance, direction, and authorization to carry out major plans and procedures consistent with established policies.  He will work with product/service development, sales, and marketing to discern competitiveness of new products, review operating results of ReHabiliments, and compare them with established objectives, create technical budgets, allocate resources, and determine schedules.

Vice President of Marketing.  This position is currently open within ReHabiliments.  As the VP of Marketing, this individual will be responsible for developing and implementing marketing programs to drive sales and raise community awareness.  The person in this position will define, analyze, and implement print and media programs and monitor the results of such programs; mentor and train operations personnel on marketing terms, rationales, and strategies with emphasis on the operations role in effective marketing execution; and support new product/service rollouts with strong unit communications and public relations activities.  This individual will develop and implement new unit opening programs and grand re-openings, as well as be aware of new industry trends, economic factors, new marketing programs/strategies, and media tools.  The VP of Marketing will provide assistance with new sites, relations, and closings, as well as develop subordinates such as Marketing Supervisors/Assistants.  This individual will be a brand and position expert and manage both internal and external public relations.  In addition, he will possess relevant marketing emphasis and Internet experience including sponsorships, affiliate programs, search engine optimization, e-mail, and electronic newsletters.

Vice President of Sales.  This position is currently open within ReHabiliments.  As the VP of Sales, the potential candidate will be responsible for developing the company’s sales strategy, acquiring of customers, planning sales compensation, and building the sales organization and infrastructure to support the sales strategy.  This candidate must have experience executing the entire sales cycle, from generating prospects, to closing the sale, and must have the ability to sell strategically to key decision makers (CFO, CTO, CIO, VP IT) as well as tactically at the operational level.

Additional positions will be identified as necessary.  As necessary, ReHabiliments will rely on external advisors and consultants to provide support for management and financial decisions, as well as provide industry expertise for day-to-day operations.

7.3 Personnel Plan

The following table summarizes the company’s personnel expenditures for the first three years.  The company believes this plan is a compromise between fairness and expedience, and meets the commitment of the company’s mission statement.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
President/CEO $94,090 $108,802 $115,330
Chief Financial Officer $71,500 $84,000 $90,000
VP of Product Development $38,273 $40,569 $43,003
VP of Business Development $38,150 $48,526 $51,438
VP of Supply Chain Management $39,442 $50,170 $53,181
VP of Sales and Marketing $43,787 $55,697 $59,039
Executive Assistant $28,800 $28,800 $29,664
Senior Fashion Designer $57,000 $57,000 $58,710
Design Assistant $26,400 $28,800 $29,664
Seamstress $21,120 $23,040 $23,731
Assistant Seamstress $19,360 $21,120 $21,754
Pattern Cutter 1 $17,600 $19,200 $19,776
Pattern Cutter 2 $17,600 $19,200 $19,776
Warehouse Manager $48,636 $50,750 $52,272
Heavy Truck Driver/Warehouse Assistant $17,280 $23,040 $23,731
Packer/Shipping & Receiving Clerk 1 $16,720 $18,240 $18,787
Packer/Shipping & Receiving Clerk 2 $15,200 $18,240 $18,787
Packer/Shipping & Receiving Clerk 3 $13,680 $18,240 $18,787
Packer/Shipping & Receiving Clerk 4 $13,680 $18,240 $18,787
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 19 19 19
Total Payroll $638,317 $731,674 $766,217