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Grutzen Watches


The watches will be mid-level all-around high-quality sports watches.

The price will be very competitive: $100-$200.

3.1 Product Description

Grutzen Watches are elegant analog watches with sporting characteristics, able to be used to depths of 100 meters under water.

  • The “sport” watch will be made of a durable steel and hard rubber combination that will provide both style and durability.
  • The “night” watch will be all black including the face with minimal white writing for the numbers on the face and will feature white hands as well.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Grutzen Watches will have the following sustainable competitive advantages:

  1. German technology, experience, proficiency, and reputation.
  2. High quality at a moderate price.
  3. Elegant and ergonomic styling.
  4. Devoted German work force.
  5. American marketing skills.

3.3 Sales Literature

Grutzen Watches will use advertising, public relations, and sales programs to make the public aware of the watches.

  1. Advertisements and public relations pieces in local newspapers – particularly The Los Angeles Times and The San Francisco Chronicle.
  2. Full-color brochures will be distributed at the various outlets where the watches are sold.

3.4 Sourcing

Grutzen Watches will only sell watches produced at its German factory, therefore additional sourcing of watches will not be necessary. However, the sourcing of parts for the manufacturing of the watches will play a constant role in the firm’s profitability. Initially, most parts will be sourced from Eastern European suppliers, as the exchange rate is very beneficial for those purchasing with German Marks.

3.5 Technology

PC-based software will be used for accounts receivable/payable, inventory, purchasing, sales, shipping, and returns.

This business plan uses Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software, Inc. and it will be reviewed and updated as necessary.

3.6 Future Products

A luxury watch is the current main focus for a future product. Other future products could include alarm clocks, wall clocks, and clocks for luxury automobiles built in Germany.