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Corporate Retreat Professionals


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

CRP is targeting large companies for our corporate retreat event planning.  The large corporations typically have the budget and the foresight to recognize the value in corporate retreats.  In addition, it is the larger corporations that typically use the corporate retreat as a training session for their employees.  The training is typically in leadership development or teaming skills.  While they do have these retreats at different intervals through the year,  it is more cost effective for them to hire a service such as CRP to plan the events when needed instead of paying the carrying costs of having a full-time, trained employee ready to do the planning when it is needed.

CRP’s product release planning services will be targeted at all different size companies.  Companies of all sizes have product release and it is unusual for them to have product release many times a year requiring someone to be a full-time planner on staff.  Therefore, it makes sense for them to hire an outside service to plan the event using their expertise in event planning to drive down the costs of production and hosting.


Sales Plan

CRP will, for the most part, be using the sale strategy of personal selling. With his five years of consulting for larger corporations, Jeff has formed relationships throughout the business community. Jeff will initially leverage these relationships to form some initial clients. Once things get rolling and CRP has developed some satisfied clients, Jeff will be developing relationships with his network of friends developed through the Chambers of Commerce and trade shows.

Jeff’s spiel to prospective customers will be based on the high level of service offered and cost advantages by going with CRP. The cost savings can be quantified and shown to the customer while the higher level of service can be guaranteed as well as communicated through testimonials from satisfied clients.

Additionally, the website will be used not only to communicate information to prospective customers but also a method of communication where CRP can provide more specialized information such as cost estimates as well as answering questions through the site.



CRP will offer event planning for the corporate market.  CRP will concentrate on two types of event planning:

  1. Corporate retreats– These events are typically used for two different reasons.  They are either a leadership training or teaming skills training where employees of the corporations are sent away to develop these skills.  In addition to the planning of the events, CRP will be able to host the event as well.  While CRP’s core competencies are not in hosting, CRP will align itself with a well-respected host of leadership development/teaming skills programs and have them assist CRP in the hosting aspect.  Using a strategic partner, in this case, allows CRP to stick with a narrow focus but still offer the service to our customers.
  2. Product launches– These are events where the corporation is releasing a product and they have an event that is open to people outside of the corporation.  The purpose of the product launch event is to create visibility for the new release. 

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Q1 Review
Mar 08, 2018
Q2 Review
June 08, 2018
Q3 Review
Sept 13, 2018
Q4 Review
Dec 08, 2018

Key Metrics

Our Key Metrics are: 

  • # of monthly customers, we would like to slowly increase our monthly customers 
  • #of return customers 
  • # of reviews and recommendations 
  • food and drink inventory turnover
  • each even cost of goods 
  • cost of training our staff 
  • # of events and of rooms occupied to break even