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Corporate Retreat Professionals

Executive Summary



Companies need to make sure their employees have the best training and tools available.  They use the retreats to help colleagues get together and work well together which helps avoid turnover. Happy coworkers mean happy customers


The Corporate Retreat Professionals (CRP) is an event planning company specializing in corporate customers.  CRP will offer two types of services, retreat training services as well as product launch event planning.  The retreat training services will be either leadership development training or teaming skills training.  For both types of retreats, CRP can take care of the planning of the event, as well as actually hosting the training through the use of one of CRP’s strategic business partners.


The corporate market for event planning is steady and profitable.  For some large companies, economic downturns mean cuts in training. This is, however, only the case for short sighted companies.  The benchmark companies may trim down the workforce during a downturn, but they do not cut funds for training.  They recognize that investing in human resources is always a good investment.  CRP intends to profit nicely from this.  Additionally, even in economic downturns, companies still have product launches and will still need someone to organize these events.  In short, the need for corporate event planning/hosting services rarely diminishes, it is a steadily increasing demand that CRP will capitalize on.


In the past, the buying patterns for the larger corporations was in the past to have an in-house solution. This pattern is is disappearing in favor of outsourcing as there is the constant drive for gains in efficiency, something outsourcing can offer.

Why Us?

Corporate Retreat Professionals will provide companies with the highest level of event planning.  We exist to attract and maintain customers.  When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place.  Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.


Financial Highlights by Year

Chart visualizing the data for Financial Highlights by Year

Financing Needed

We will be getting $50,000 from the owner and founder of the company.