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Ethnic Food Restaurant Business Plan

Management Summary

The strength of our management staff positions us for success. We have assembled a team that embraces different disciplines, accomplished professionals with expertise in all areas of the business, including marketing and restaurant management.

The owners, Zander Hunte (Managing Partner) and Peter Smith (Executive Chef), have considerable experience in the restaurant industry.

In Year 2, we will hire a General Manager to handle the day-to-day Restaurant management. This will assist Zara's Restaurant & Lounge to grow even further.

You can't build investor confidence based on what you will do, but you can inspire confidence based on what you have done. Attached is the portfolio of past success. This Zara Management team has deep roots in the restaurant segment, and have the practical experience to make this venture another great success.

Management Team

Zara Restaurant & Lounge, with more than 48 years of experience between the key officers, understands the importance of a strong management team. The strength of our management staff positions us for success.
Day to day operational management will be conducted by Alex Hunte and Peter Smith, as hands on managers. They will advised and supported by their Advisory Board.

Zara's Advisory Board

  • Stephen Hollier of Hollier Collier & Loewenthal: Corporate Attorney
  • John Katz of SS&G Financial Services: CPA
  • Robert Shaefer of Shafer Hospitality Services: Restaurant Consultant
  • Mary Zimmerman of The Zimmerman Group: Media & Public Relations consultant

Ownership & Management

Together, Alex Hunte and Peter Smith bring over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry to their new joint venture.

Alex Hunte: Managing Partner
(Operations, Marketing, Financial and Business Development)

Mr. Hunte brings to Zara an accomplished restaurant background, exceptional business acumen, and a lifetime passion for the restaurant experience. Alex has over 17 years of business management in the Information Technology industry. Like IT, successful ventures in the restaurant industry must balance capitalizing on new trends with continual quality assessment. Alex's understanding of day-to-day cash flow planning and staff management will be critical to Zara's financial success. 

Mr. Hunte has a background in International Business Management and Business Start-ups, and is certified in Restaurant and Hotel Management. As co-owner, Alex Hunte is responsible for overall direction and operational management. Mr. Hunte is a strong business leader responsible for strategic planning and continued growth of restaurant services and business development. In addition, Alex will be the management lead for all public relations, financial and investor services.

Degrees, Certifications, and Professional Affiliations:

  • MBA in International Business Management
  • B.S. in Computer Science
  • Certified in Restaurant & Hotel Management from Ryerson University
  • PMP (Project Management Professional) certification
  • Member of the Midtown Alliance
  • Business partner member of the National Restaurant Association.

Peter Smith: Managing Partner
(Executive Chef and Restaurant Operations)

Mr. Smith is an accomplished restaurateur, having owned several full-service restaurants. Mr. Smith is responsible for the concept and the daily operations management, with yearly sales targets of $7 million.

In addition, Peter is the owner of Bauhaus Bar and Nightclub, and former owner of Myth Restaurant, Ouzeri, and Kapilyo Restaurant, all financial and critical successes. Mr. Smith is also an international restaurant consultant for top international organizations. Mr. Smith's Contracting responsibilities for Zara included logistics, Site and Lease Negotiations, Concept Definition, Start-Up and Financial forecast, Menu and Operations Management, as well as Implementation and Launch Management.

With a degree in Economics and an accomplished career, Mr. Smith contributes the experience of his past successes, and is charged with leading the Restaurant Operations, Staff Selection, Menu Definition and Training initiatives for Zara Restaurant & Lounge.

Managing Partner Responsibilities

In addition to the management of day to day operations, both managers, as principals within the company, will oversee menu development, purchasing, portioning, pricing and inventory control, including approval of all financial obligations of the company. They will plan, develop, and establish customer service policies and objectives, and write, explain, and enforce an employee's manual for all employee-related policies.

Responsibilities for hiring and firing employees lie solely with the two operations managers, and any decisions in these areas will be made jointly.

They will:

  • Manage working capital, including receivables, inventory, cash and marketable securities.

  • Perform financial forecasting, including capital budgeting, cash flow analysis, pro forma financial statements, and external financing requirements.

  • Prepare financial analyses of operations for guiding management, including reports which outline the company's income, expenses, and earnings.
  • Direct preparation of budgets and financial forecasts and arrange for audits of company's accounts.

Personnel Plan

We believe the personnel plan is in good proportion to the size of the restaurant and projected revenues. The staff will include 13 full-time employees and 8 part-time employees, who will work a total of 754 manhours per week and generate an average monthly gross payroll of $27,308 for the first year in business. The estimated gross annual payroll of $399,588 (including Partner Salaries) is 37% of total sales.

Wage salaries for service personnel (waitstaff, busboys, bartenders) do not include anticipated tips. With average tipping rates for the Atlanta, Georgia area, and our menu prices, service employees should average at least twice the minimum wage in any given shift. Skilled waitresses and bartenders on weekends and evenings will make substantially more.


The Executive Chef will be assisted by:

  • An Assistant Chef from a national search (1).
  • A Sou chef with considerable experience in different restaurants (1).
  • Cooks that work directly with Peter or the sous chef (2).
  • Prep cooks/dishwasher (2).
  • People cleaning the restaurant (2).

Restaurant Operations:

Alex Hunte will manage the Financial Management, Bookkeeping, PR/Media Advertising, and Investor Services. Alex Hunte will also manage the daily Restaurant Operations.  

Peter Smith will be the Restaurant Manager. He will be the primary responsible for daily Restaurant Operations, taking care of Wait and Bar Staff. Peter will also take lead as the Executive Chef working with the Head Chef.

  • To help Peter, he will have servers that will work as ‘captains' (these people have experience in managing, waiting tables and bartending) and take care of service and make sure the restaurant is in excellent shape (2).
  • Servers that work part time (4).
  • Full-time bartender (1).
  • Part-time bartender (1).
  • Full-time busboy (2).
  • Part-time busboy (1).

Administrative Salaries (Partners):

  • Zander Hunte: $ 48,000 per year
  • Peter Smith $ 32,160 per year
Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
General Manager (Year 2+) $0 $0 $28,000 $28,500 $29,000
Partner/Manager $48,000 $48,000 $48,000 $48,000 $48,000
Partner/Asst. Manager/Exec. Chef $32,160 $32,160 $32,160 $32,160 $32,160
Hostess (Full Time) $24,000 $24,500 $25,000 $25,500 $26,000
Hostess (Part Time) $13,200 $13,500 $14,000 $14,300 $14,800
Waitperson 1 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Waitperson 2 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Waitperson 3 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Waitperson 4 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Waitperson 5 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Waitperson 6 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Waitperson 7 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Waitperson 8 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Waitperson 9 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640 $5,640
Wait/Barperson $10,440 $10,440 $10,440 $10,440 $10,440
Bartender 1 $14,400 $14,400 $14,400 $14,400 $14,400
Bartender 2 $7,200 $7,500 $7,500 $7,500 $7,600
Busboy 1 $9,120 $9,120 $9,120 $9,120 $9,120
Busboy 2 $11,760 $11,760 $11,760 $11,760 $11,760
Busboy 3 $7,200 $7,200 $7,200 $7,200 $7,200
Assistant Chef $44,400 $44,400 $44,400 $44,400 $44,400
Sous Chef $32,400 $32,400 $32,400 $32,400 $32,400
Cook 1 $24,240 $24,240 $24,240 $24,240 $24,240
Cook 2 $18,960 $18,960 $18,960 $18,960 $18,960
Prep Cook/Dishwasher $12,288 $12,288 $12,288 $12,288 $12,288
Prep Cook/Dishwasher/Cleaning $12,960 $12,960 $12,960 $12,960 $12,960
Dishwasher 1 $8,640 $8,640 $8,640 $8,640 $8,640
Dishwasher 2 $5,700 $5,800 $5,800 $5,800 $5,800
Cleaning/Dishwasher $11,760 $11,760 $11,800 $11,800 $11,800
Open $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total People 20 24 25 25 25
Total Payroll $399,588 $400,788 $429,828 $431,128 $432,728

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