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Equipment Rental


ER sells and rents heavy equipment such as dozers, backhoes, excavators, and trenchers, as well as small home use, and construction equipment such as tillers, augers, and chain saws. ER takes pride in having brought several new items to this area that were otherwise unknown, such as the spreader/grader and Ramrod products.

ER has obtained the authorization to be a distributor for Hancor Pipe, Stone Equipment, Pro-Cut Diamond Products, Echo Lawn Care, Compact Excavators, and Skid Steer Loaders. The company is the only authorized distributor for the South-Tennessee area for Ramrod Equipment and Komatsu Forklifts.

3.1 Product Summary

ER carries a range of Interstate equipment including:

  • Megatron Plus – 72 month;
  • Megatron – 60 month;
  • Light truck and van (LTV);
  • Interstate – 50 month;
  • Extreme performance;
  • Interstate – 50 month (imported cars);
  • Special use – lawn and garden, etc.;
  • Marine/RV – 12 volt;
  • Commercial – Very HD 12 volt;
  • Commercial – 6 volt;
  • Commercial – 8 volt special duty.

ER carries gasoline, diesel, LPG, and electric forklifts from Komatsu. The benefits of Komatsu products include:

  • Low noise designs reduce operator fatigue;
  • Non-asbestos brakes;
  • Open mast designs for excellent visibility;
  • Heavy-duty air filtration systems with high air intake for extended engine life;
  • Easy access to mechanical components.

ER carries a series of Ramrod Taskmaster products that are designed for any task. They include:

  • The post hole auger (9″ and 12″) – can dig up to 60 holes in one hour;
  • 32″ forks – mini fork lift;
  • Leveller – for back landscaping;
  • The trencher – the attachment of choice for digging trenches;
  • Hay and mower fork – horse and cattle stall cleanup;
  • Scattrack. ER carries a series of mini excavators and skid steer loaders with various attachments;
  • Hydraulic breakers – for breaking concrete, rock, or other hard surfaces;
  • Trenchers – for installing electric lines and underground cables;
  • Pallet fork – for handling heavy palletized material;
  • Grapples – for clean up of loose, bulky, or baled materials;
  • Augers – for digging holes and wide trenches in tight areas;
  • Angle blade – for grading;
  • Mini excavator – for construction, landscaping, and utility applications;
  • Trimmers and bushcutters and accessories;
  • Tiller/Cultivator;
  • Power blowers and accessories;
  • Hedge clippers;
  • Power pruners and accessories;
  • Chain saws;
  • Safety accessories.

3.1.1 Future Products

ER plans to increase its current inventory and suppliers while adding new product lines available on the market. ER also plans to be able to offer specials such as manufacturer’s discounts that would entice potential customers to ER, while at the same time retaining a good working capital within the company.

ER anticipates carrying a series of Stone products including:

  • Stomper;
  • WolfPac asphalt rollers;
  • Rhino ride-on vibratory dirt rollers;
  • Bulldog trench rollers;
  • Hydroblend continuous mixers.

3.1.2 Product Support

ER is also listed on the bidder list for several states and receive bid packages by mail, fax, and email which is checked daily. The company is currently on the Atchafalaya Basin Development Committee mailing list and is working with the Henderson Area Committee.