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Environmental Engines

Products and Services

Environmental Engines Toyota Honda GM believes that driving our zero emissions vehicles and hybrid automobiles around will be the best way to get other early-adopters, the younger generation, and environmentalists involved with cleaner forms of transportation.

Environmental Engines Toyota Honda GM will showcase America’s most popular alternative vehicle, the four-door Toyota Prius. It runs on gasoline, like a regular car, but it also has an electric motor under the hood, which supplements the gas engine and sometimes takes over completely. The gas engine shuts off automatically whenever the Prius comes to a stop. The electric motor powers it up when you press on the accelerator. Unlike every other car on the highway, the Prius actually gets better mileage in stop-and-go city driving that while cruising at high speed. It’s in that stop-and-go driving than the car exhibits its most remarkable feature: whenever it switches to electric power, the Prius is dead quiet.

Since Toyota introduced the Prius to the United States two years ago, it has sold around 20,000 of the compact cars. Demand still exceeds supply, and other auto makers, like Honda and GM, have hybrid cars available or on the drawing board.

Environmental Engines Toyota Honda GM believes our future cars should save even more energy and produce even less pollution. To emphasize the point, members of the board of directors will drive around in a totally electric automobile borrowed from the showroom – an all-electric Toyota RAV4 sports utility vehicle. Instead of plugging into a standard outlet that supplies electricity from a coal or gas power plant, Environmental Engines Toyota Honda GM’s automobiles’ batteries will be recharged using photovoltaic cells – solar power. A solar-powered, five passenger electric car like this conserves energy and our environment.