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All About People


The company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity because of the management and field expertise of the proprietor. Sarah Wayland worked in the temporary employment industry for three years with ADIA Personnel Services (now ADECCO) as Area Account Manager (in training as a branch manager): building business relationships; hiring employees; handling employee issues; working with clients during the implementation of ADIA; and opening an additional office in Beaverton, Oregon.

For one year the proprietor was a District Sales Manager at Columbia Distributing, showing a 10% increase on $3.5 million in annual sales. Managing a staff of nine in sales and customer service, she had the opportunity to delve further into hiring/firing, reviewing, incentives outside of salary, and personnel issues.

Most recently, she has spent several years as Funds and Contracts Manager at the Oregon University System; managing four grants totaling $1.5 million annually and all personal service and interagency contracts as well.

The proprietor’s most notable success was bringing the second branch of Cellular West located in Portland, Oregon, from running in the red, to breaking even within four months of its opening. She accomplished this by using motivational tools and providing the sales force with extensive training.

3.1 Products and Services Plan

Changing labor market conditions threaten the concept of full-time permanent employment.

AAP provides a complex blend of services to distinct populations. The company serves businesses through connecting them with the professional contingent work force. It also serves the worker by connecting them with businesses, at no charge, and providing benefits not often provided by other employment agencies.