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Safe Current

Web Plan Summary

Safe Current’s website will be used as both a marketing and sales tool. It will take on marketing responsibilities as one of the communication methods used to raise awareness regarding Safe Current’s product families. Extensive product information will be included on the site in an easy to use format.

The site will also be used as a sales tool, allowing customers to purchase the products as well as set up installation appointments for the surge arrestors. Allowing the website to offer sales support will provide consumers with a convenient way to purchase the products as well as provide Safe Current with a low-cost sales program that does not require a live sales support agent. The site will periodically be updated to encourage customers to make repeat visits.

5.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Safe Current will market their website in two primary ways:

  • Search engine submission: As search engines become more and more powerful, a large number of Internet users use them to find relevant information on the Internet. Safe Current will submit their site to many popular engines ensuring that their site comes up high on the list of hits.
  • URL reference in all printer material: The Web address,, will be printed on all material that Safe Current uses encouraging consumers to check out the site.

5.2 Development Requirements

The website will be developed by TCIC’s internal Web development team for the price of $5,000.