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Safe Current

Executive Summary

Safe Current is small business unit of The Cleveland Illuminating Company (TCIC), and electric utility. Safe Current was formed and will be lead by Brian Henderson.

Safe Current has identified three key factors that will be instrumental to its sustainability:

  1. Ensure 100% customer satisfaction: Repeat customers and customer referrals are valuable.
  2. Design and sell meaningful and valuable power protection products.
  3. Design and implement strict financial controls. This is very important because although Safe Current is a small business unit of TCIC, they must be a stand alone entity financially and and yet they have financial and accounting responsibilities to the shareholders of TCIC.

Safe Current will offer two main products, surge arrestors and surge protectors. These products are made by a contract manufacturer and sold under the Safe Current brand name:

  • Surge Arrestors: This is a piece of equipment that is mounted on the outside of a house or business near the meter that offers protection from external electrical surges.
  • Surge Protectors: This is a piece of equipment that protects individual or groups of appliances against internal electrical spikes. All of Safe Currents protectors are of industrial grade.

Brian has an MBA from Case Western Reserve University and has experience working for the large telecom ATT as an assistant project manager, and Allegheny Power working in the value added services department. Safe Current has been forecasted to achieve impressive sales for years two and three, with correspondingly respectable net profit.

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1.1 Objectives

  • To develop a profitable product for TCIC that is unregulated from the core power generation business services.
  • To become profitable within one year.
  • To use this business as a successful model for future ventures.

1.2 Mission

To develop a family of surge protectors and arrestors for consumers that offer safety and value. Safe Current will leverage the strength of The Cleveland Illuminating Company to help build brand recognition. All customer’s expectations will be exceeded with their innovative, useful products and complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

1.3 Keys to Success

  • Offer every customer 100% satisfaction.
  • Design and sell meaningful, valuable, power protection products.
  • Design and employ strict financial controls.