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Management Summary

Management Team

The Co-founders of, John Smith and Jane Doe have management experience in high growth technology companies and consumer marketing. is actively recruiting experienced industry representatives to serve on the management team and as members of the advisory board.

John Smith most recently served as Chief Operating Officer at OnlineNet, where he developed a detailed knowledge of the challenges facing product manufacturers. Mr. Smith was responsible for the development of new distribution channels and the establishment of strategic partnership agreements across a wide range of product manufacturers. He also has a strong background in data warehousing and mass data storage requirements. Mr. Smith completed a Master’s degree in engineering at MIT and an MBA at the Haas School of Business.

Jane Doe served as Director of Marketing at Value Shop Inc., where she built her knowledge of consumer marketing. She led the development of marketing strategies that leverage the Internet. Ms. Doe also has 8 years of experience in market analysis and research. She completed an MBA at Harvard University and has a BA from Dartmouth.

The Principal Member of the Board of Directors

Samuel Dewy, Partner at Watson, Sonoma, Goodson & Rodgers, joined the firm in 1971. Mr. Dewy serves as an advisor and board member for a wide variety of high-tech companies in the computer, semiconductor, entertainment, software, and biotech industries. Mr. Dewy specializes in corporate law as it relates to venture capital and the creation of high-tech companies. Mr. Dewy completed his undergraduate degree at UCLA and his law degree at the University of California at Berkeley.

The Board of Advisors

Charles Brock, Co-Founder and CEO of, has extensive experience in the formation of new ventures. As a partner at Waterhouse & Young LLP, Mr. Brock founded and served as the Director of the Entrepreneurial Services Group in the San Jose Bay Area. He is a Co-Founder and Limited Partner of Venture Flyers venture capital fund.

Sara Jones, Principal at Arthur Coopers Management Consulting Services, has over fifteen years of consulting experience concentrating on issues of M&A, strategic planning, e-business and organizational design. Most recently Ms. Jones led the spin-off / IPO team of ISAVE from BigTime Corporation. She has also worked with manufacturing and technology companies that will translate into valuable knowledge and relationships for

Peter Downey, Director of Business Development at Advanced Network Communications, has both technical and business experience in the deployment of emerging broadband technologies. Prior to ANC, Mr. Downey served as a Product Manager with Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Mr. Downey also has experience at General Electric and IBM.

6.1 Personnel Plan

We will start the company with nine employees:

  • Marketing/Sales (3)
  • Researchers/Analysts (3)
  • Programmers (2)
  • Administrative (1)

Our marketing/sales team includes one member with strong experience in affiliate and partner programs, and another who will oversee the website programmers in website design, search engine optimization, and user experience.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Marketing and Sales $144,552 $399,253 $644,103
Researchers and Analysts $115,644 $239,571 $386,456
Programmers $86,736 $0 $0
Administrative $38,544 $159,684 $257,651
Total People 9 18 28
Total Payroll $385,476 $798,508 $1,288,210