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Third Degree I.D.

Web Plan Summary

The Third Degree I.D. website will help familiarize potential clients with the company’s unique approach to instructional design and e-learning content development. The website will establish Third Degree I.D. as a sophisticated yet approachable instructional design group with over 25 years of collective experience in educational new media development.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Through sample learning objects and case studies, the website will showcase the type of detail-oriented instructional design that Third Degree I.D. provides. These examples will demonstrate how the company can leverage new media capabilities to create richer learning experiences. The work samples and promotional copy will help clients make the connection between engaging content and effective instruction, while emphasizing the company’s ability to identify and meet learning goals.

In addition to introducing prospective clients to the company, the website will provide supplementary information for those already familiar with Third Degree I.D., its products, and its services. Through a password-protected client extranet, the website will serve existing clients as a means to track project progress and to investigate new opportunities for curriculum development. Message boards in this portion of the site will offer a convenient location where clients can exchange ideas with project managers, subject matter experts, content developers, and instructional designers.

Internationally-known educational media organizations, such as the eLearning Guild, the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, and World Wide Learn, will provide cost-effective opportunities for exposure and drive traffic to the Third Degree I.D. website. Similarly, ads placed online in publications such as the Chronicle of Higher Education will allow the company to reach its target market and establish a network of links to the company website. These links will contribute to higher rankings in search engine result lists, which will lead to increased web traffic and name recognition for the company. Additional web-based advertising will be pursued as needed to improve company visibility and to generate interest in company services.

6.2 Development Requirements

The development of the Third Degree I.D. website will be the responsibility of the Chief Creative Officer. Tasks necessary for the completion of the site include:

  • Domain name registration
  • Purchase of Web hosting plan
  • Development of site look and feel
  • Backend programming and database integration for client extranet

The domain name has already been registered and hosting has been established for the address. While the website look and feel will evolve over time, creating a web presence consistent with the company’s identity is an immediate priority. Equally vital to the success of the website as a promotional tool is the establishment of a collection of learning objects and other work samples. After meeting this need, the client extranet and other advanced features will be added to the site as resources become available.