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University Patents, Inc.

Management Summary

Advisory Board

Mr. Michael Edwards, ND Office of Technology. Mr. Edwards had experience with technology transfer between the university and the private sector. He also has experience with licensing patents and negotiations. There is a potential conflict of interest with being a future customer.

Mr. James O’Brien, lawyer and ND professor. Mr. O’Brien has expertise with intellectual property rights.

Mr. Jeffrey Bernel, ND Professor and Gigot Center Advisor. Mr. Bernel has experience as a start-up business advisor and general management expertise. He also brings a valuable perspective from the manufacturer sector, a group that we hope to include in future customers.

Advisory Board Gaps

Technology Application: An individual with commercial network contacts from prior work in this field.

Business-to-Business Marketing Advisor: Unidentified Sales/Marketing Representative.

6.1 Management Team

Tom Bradbeer, president, Southwest region director and founding partner. Tom brings nine years of high-tech experience with Intel Corp including time in project management, database management, Web application development and customer support roles in both the 3-Business Group and Logistics Division. Due to his high-tech background, he will also be performing IT functions as University Patents grows in the first years. Tom has also coached Junior Olympic Volleyball teams over the past eight years including two years as head coach and fulfilled the role of mentor to other coaches in the organization. Tom is completing his MBA at the University of Notre Dame and earned his BS in finance at Arizona State University.

Jason Sorge, VP of market/sales, Northwest/Midwest region director and founding partner. Jason brings two years experience in finance from Agilent Technologies where he was instrumental in creating financial models to forecast expenses, training of corporate personnel in asset accounting procedures and research and analysis of financial data supporting forecasting for both the site facility and the multi-national marketing groups. Jason was also influential in the development of a centralized customer service center at the University of Idaho. Beyond his VP responsibilities, Jason will also maintain University Patents’ relationship with the retained law firms. He is currently completing his MBA at the University of Notre Dame and holds a BS in finance from the University of Idaho.

Matt Anderson, VP of finance/accounting, Southeast region director and founding partner. Matt brings three years of management in financial services, during which he was responsible for maintaining the service relationships for 401(k) plans in excess of $2 billion at Merrill Lynch. Matt managed the Merrill Lynch stock options trading center for two years during which it received the FCall Center Magazine’s “2001 Call Center of the Year” award and was the winner of the Merrill Lynch Quality Cup. He holds both NASD Series 7 and 63 licenses and in his off time volunteers as a Certified Youth Minister for local parishes, which has included planning and facilitating retreats.  Matt is currently completing his MBA at the University of Notre Dame and holds a BS in business administration from the University of Central Florida.

6.2 Management Team Gaps

The gaps in the management team are currently being addressed through the Advisory Board as shown below, and will continue to be until the cash flow allows the hiring of employees to fill those capacities. The identifiable gaps are in specialized technical knowledge, legal expertise, and B2B marketing.

Technical Knowledge: The current management team does not include an individual with a engineering/scientific background which would help with understanding the patented currently and effectively market it.

Legal Expertise: The current management team does not include an individual with a legal background. This could impact the companies ability to recognize possible forms of patent infringement.

Marketing Experience: The current management team does not include an individual with extensive B2B marketing experience.

6.3 Personnel Plan

It is expected that for the first four years, only the founding members will be employed by University Patents. Starting in Year 4, the number of patents to research will increase to the point that part-time or full-time help is needed to allow management face time with the universities and prospective licensees.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Total Payroll $60,000 $63,000 $66,150 $210,000 $255,500
Other $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total People 4 4 4 4 5
Total Payroll $60,000 $63,000 $66,150 $210,000 $255,500