Nature's Candy

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E-commerce Retailer Business Plan

Web Plan Summary

Nature's Candy will use their website as their catalog and ordering device.  The website will be a complete product offering as well as to provide company information.

The website will be designed with simplicity in mind.  It is imperative that customers are able to navigate throughout the site intuitively with no problems.  Nature's Candy will be benchmarking websites such as Amazon's to develop a best practices for the different elements of the site.

A phone number will be offered on the website to remedy and problems that customers encounter.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The website will be marketed through search engines such as Yahoo and Google.  In addition to advertisements on search engines, Nature's Candy will advertise with websites that have similar customer demographics like, an outdoor retailer.  The cost of Internet advertising has dropped significantly with the collapse of so many dot-coms that it has become quite cost effective.

6.2 Development Requirements

Stew Wachit will be responsible for site development. Stew will be hiring a programmer to assist him starting month one.

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