Columbia Cleaners

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Dry Cleaning Home Delivery Business Plan


Columbia Cleaners is going to provide the following services for customers with free home pick-up and delivery in the Hillsboro area:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Laundry for personal clothes and large items such as blankets, duvets, curtains, etc.
  • Alteration service

Operations plan

There are two ways for customers to take part in the service. Customers can sign contracts with Columbia Cleaners to get regularly scheduled service, or, if it is more convenient, they can order over the telephone or via e-mail.

Customers can choose payment either at the time of each delivery, or by monthly credit card billing. We will send statements to each contract customer, itemizing service fees and the charge for the service to their credit cards for payment, at the end of each month.

No retail shop will be rented in order to reduce the operation cost. An operations facility for installing machines and equipment, washing and cleaning activities, and storing not yet cleaned and cleaned garments and items is needed. The operations facility will require about 2,000 square feet divided into four main sections as following:

  1. Machine installation and cleaning activities
  2. Sorting and storage of dirty garments received
  3. Storing cleaned garments after finishing prior to delivery
  4. Garment alteration workroom

The whole operation process will be controlled and monitored by a laundry expert employee, and generally managed by the business owner.

Columbia Cleaners dry cleaning home delivery business plan services. Columbia Cleaners is a start-up dry cleaning, laundry and alterations service business. They are offering a new service, home pickup and delivery of garments and items, instead of the traditional drop