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Guildford Dry Cleaning Service

Executive Summary

Guildford Dry Cleaning Service is a sole trader, start-up enterprise, to be established in Guildford, Surrey. The company will provide dry cleaning, laundry, and garment alterations, offered with regular home pick-up and delivery services.

The company will have a production facility, but will not need a retail shop front because of our pick-up and delivery service. However, we will need delivery vans, and customer service trained drivers.

Customers can choose payment either at the time of each delivery, or by monthly credit card billing. The Service will send statements to each contract customer, itemising service fees and the charge for the service to their credit cards for payment, at the end of each month.

The business provides a new door-to-door dry cleaning, laundry, and alteration service in Guildford that surely will attract customer attention. Working customers may find this service is convenient for them and want to try it. If they are satisfied with the service quality they are likely to become repeat customers. When the patronage happens continuously, they become loyal customers of the service. These customers will recommend Guildford Dry Cleaning Service to their friends and coworkers. As more and more customers use this service, Guildford Dry Cleaning Service’s image is enhanced and we will gain more and more market share.

Sales forecast gradually increase over Years 1-3 and comprise total sales of £324,700. We project solid Net profits in the first year.  Third year Sales and Net Profits increase significantly.

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1.1 Mission

We will offer dry cleaning, laundry, and clothing alteration services with free home pickup and delivery. Our high quality and convenience will save time for working customers.

1.2 Keys to Success

  1. The business is entering the first year of operation therefore a comprehensive marketing strategy will be the key to success of the business.
  2. It is important to remember that the target customers have money and want to be provided with a high quality service; therefore they will only use this service if they are entirely satisfied.
  3. Furthermore, the hours of operation must be convenient and service completion must be timely in order that customers are not harried after a long day working.

1.3 Objectives

In providing laundry and garment alteration services for customers in Guildford area, Guildford Dry Cleaning Service aims to:

  • Attain a 30% market share by the end of the first year
  • Have first year total sales in excess of £324,000
  • Producing net profits of over £75,000.