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Dog and Cat Kennel Business Plan

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Emphasize Customer Service

Noah's Arf will differentiate themselves from other animal care facilities. We will establish our business offering as a clear and viable alternative for our target market.

Build a Relationship-Oriented Business

Build long-term relationships with clients, not just an occasional visit. Let them become dependent on Noah's Arf to help out in many situations. Make them understand the value of the relationship.

Focus on Target Markets

We need to focus our offerings on the busy professionals, who want to save time to enjoy convenience, multiple services, and total satisfaction of services.

Differentiate and Fulfill the Promise

We can't just market and sell service and products, we must actually deliver as well. We need to make sure we have the knowledge-intensive business and service-intensive business we claim to have.

5.1 Competitive Edge

Noah's Arf starts with a critical competitive edge: There is no competitor that can claim several multiple services, 24 hour care, and customer convenience at one location.

5.1.1 Pricing Strategy

Noah's Arf will be priced at the upper edge of what the market will bear, competing with similar types of services in the area.

5.1.2 Promotion Strategy

We will host an open house with a business card drawing for one free service. We will offer discounts after a specified number of visits for the first six months to establish a client base.


  • 10 wash your own = one free day visit gift certificate.
  • 10 day care visits = one free overnight visit gift certificate.
  • 10 overnight visits = one free wash your own gift certificate.
  • 20 visits = $10.00 discount.
  • Three referrals = one free day care visit gift certificate.
  • Monthly business card drawing = one free visit.
  • Create specified packages = one day, one night, one wash for a special discount price.
  • Multiple pets from the same family = family discount rate.
  • Use promotional items such as frisbees, collars, coffee mugs, etc. with Noah's Arf logo imprinted.

5.1.3 Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy is a simple one: satisfied customers are our best marketing tool. When a customer leaves our business with a happy pet knowing that it has had a fulfilled day, our name and service will stand on its own. We have talked with many friends, and associates who are excited about our plans and are anxious to use our services.

In addition, we will distribute advertising brochures to large businesses for bulletin boards, (Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, Fred Meyer, Epson, Intel, Planar, etc.) offering a 10% discount for a limited time to build a client base.

Local TV news shows (AM Northwest, Good Day Oregon) will be contacted to feature our business as a new service to the community. Direct mail will be sent to registered pet owners in the Portland Metro area. Brochures will be distributed to hotels, restaurants, condominiums, pet stores, coffee shops, Washington Park Zoo, local veterinarians, etc. Create a Noah's Arf Web Page. Advertise in the Oregonian, Willamette Weekly, Portland Tribune, and Dog Nose News newspapers.

5.2 Sales Forecast

The following table and charts present the sales forecast for Noah's Arf.

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Overnight Care $93,940 $103,334 $113,668
Day Care $146,050 $111,360 $133,600
In Home Care $9,240 $11,090 $13,310
Wash Your Own $15,900 $19,800 $23,760
Grooming $7,000 $8,880 $10,660
Retail $10,600 $12,720 $15,260
Obedience $5,460 $6,790 $8,150
Small Animal Care/cats $28,620 $31,482 $34,630
Special requests, misc. $1,600 $1,920 $2,300
Other $0 $0 $0
Total Sales $318,410 $307,376 $355,338
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Overnight Care $3,300 $4,000 $4,400
Day Care $2,425 $3,000 $3,300
In Home Care $205 $250 $300
Wash Your Own $370 $440 $530
Grooming $280 $340 $410
Retail $5,300 $6,360 $7,630
Obedience $275 $330 $400
Small Animal Care/cats $1,025 $1,200 $1,400
Special requests, misc. $155 $190 $230
Other $0 $895 $1,070
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $13,335 $17,005 $19,670

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