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Shaw's Records Management and Data Storage

Products and Services

Shaw’s Records Management & Data Storage is a full-service, computerized records management company providing secure storage and indexing of paper records, digital media and other business-critical information, including computer disks and tapes, optical disks, microfilm, audio and video tapes, medical records, and  blueprints.

Shaw’s personalized service includes retention schedules, data conversion and ORC, and records relocation.  We provide specially designed boxes and other supplies which make handling records easier.

Shaw’s offers a Windows® based environment with a suite of coding and data management tools that can track a work order from the moment a container is requested until it is safely back in storage. This unique data system integrates every aspect of quality records management: request, retrieval, loading, curbside auditing, delivery validation, and return. Our system helps customers manage all their records–paper or electronic–and verifies the chain of custody at every step.