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Belle Epoque Dinner Theatre

Web Plan Summary

The “Belle Epoque” website will be the virtual business card and portfolio for the company, as well as its online “home.”

It will showcase the 1890s Paris high-society decor of the restaurant, and the exuberant, social elegance of the Moulin de la Galette show and costumes of our staff.

The website needs to be a simple yet classy and well designed website that, at the same time, is in keeping with the latest trends in user interface design.  A site that is too flashy, or tries to use too much of the latest Shockwave or Flash technology can be over done, and cause potential customers to look elsewhere for online excitement as well as a meal or show.  A particular, small section will offer a stunning and robust Flash MX presentation of the gay 90s Paris Impressionist arts scene.

To further show off its expertise the website may create a resources area, offering articles, research, re-enacting tips and sales to interested parties.  We will accept reservations online as well as partner with Amazon, PayPal and book sellers to sell products while holding no inventory.  Of course, all of the items will be totally Impressionist/Moulin Rouge/Age of Elegance in nature. We will accept all credit cards via our merchant accounts.

The key to the website strategy will be combining a very well designed front end, with a back end capable of recording leads and proposal requests, as well as running our own online marketing program.

We will sell targeted advertising to specific market groups, as well as partnering with online retailers to sell relevant products to the users.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Marketing for us will center primarily around distribution of our URL, initially via paper means.  That will plug and pull unique hits on our real time database reporting and stats.  Our restaurant concept will not rely on achieving first hit status for keywords to draw customers into the premises.  Rather, a visit to the website will most always be an after-the-fact event.  For instance, after visiting the restaurant or after reading our brochure or after hearing our commercial on the radio.

We will garner some specific unique entry hits via usage of our time proven keyword and html skills.  These will result in number one placement across certain keywords and dozens of engines, worldwide.  Such is our proven success of using numerous URLs, keyword generation and testing with the number one rated international “Web Position Gold 2” program.  In addition to that, whole, separate websites are built specifically for precise search engines.  The most intelligent designers are able to achieve #1 ranking via weekly updating across 1,200+ engines.  Our primary goal model is the Google engine.

We will be linked to from hundreds of websites, including the Greater Bigmalltown Chamber of Commerce and US Chamber of Commerce.

6.2 Development Requirements

The website will be initially developed with few technical resources.  A simple hosting provider, services, will host the site and provide the technical back end out of Sunscorch City, USA.

We will work with a contracted user interface designer to develop the simple, classy, yet Internet focused site.  The user interface designer will work with a graphic artist to come up with the website logo, and the website graphics.  A number of articles, photos and features will be provided based on our recreation of the 1890s Paris Boulevardier lifestyle. 

The maintenance of the site will be done by the owner.  As the website rolls out future development such as newsletters and downloadable games, a technical resource may need to be contracted to build the high-end items.