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Belle Epoque Dinner Theatre

Company Summary

Belle Epoque is a restaurant with lunch and dinner menus and a theme show for dinner only.  It welcomes artists, historians, living history interpreters, and re-enactors to its grounds for, plein aire painting sessions, historical shows and events.  It features the culinary adventures and exquisite tastes of late 19th century Paris as prepared under the exacting standards of Executive Chef Joachim Oignons.

Chef Joachim retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer and was the first ever American Culinary Federation Executive Chef in Camp David’s history.  As a Navy Executive Chef to the President of the United States he excelled in the history of America at the Catoctin Mountain Retreat and at the White House.  He later was asked by the Navy to live around the world, in Asia, Arabia and in Europe – cooking for Admirals in Japan, at NATO and for Lords, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, royalty, stars and public personalities.  His food is fully representative of direct experiences – worldwide, with international culinary favorites learned firsthand.

2.1 Company Ownership

Belle Epoque has been solely chartered as a Upstate LLC corporation based in Border County, owned by its principal investor and principal operator, Executive Chef Joachim Oignons.  It is expected to drop the LLC status within three to five years and seek Sub-chapter S, followed by C status, pending changing tax laws, the economy and review of profit and loss statements.  Additional investors may bring forward additional operations assistance and staff.

2.2 Start-up Summary

Start-up expenses include legal costs, artwork, property lease or purchase, remodeling, logo design, computer software, stationery, liquor license, and related expenses. 

Start-up assets required include short-term assets (office furniture, tablewear and glasswear, signage, and small kitchen equipment and utensils, kitchen and server uniforms and costumes etc.) and initial cash to handle the first few months of operations – as sales and accounts receivable play through the cash flow.  Inventory for the first two weeks of operations will need to be ordered and delivered in the week prior to opening.

Long-term assets include office computers, serving staff workstations, kitchen terminals, POS terminals, security and fire alarm systems, shelving, food storage.

This plan assumes moving into a retrofit of a former restaurant where tables, chairs and kitchen stoves and equipment are in place.  If that is not available an additional $500,000 to $600,000 will be needed for a scratch start.

Dinner theater business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Legal and Attorney’s Fees $12,288
Stationery and Office Supplies $12,341
Brochures $3,382
Consultants $3,900
Insurance $9,809
Remodeling Expenses $19,400
Utilities $2,000
Liquor License $100,000
Rent or Mortgage 1st month/startup $14,000
Research and Development $1,300
Total Start-up Expenses $178,420
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $50,000
Start-up Inventory $75,000
Other Current Assets $17,000
Long-term Assets $175,000
Total Assets $317,000
Total Requirements $495,420