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54 & Cloudy

Executive Summary


54 & Cloudy is a newly formed digital marketing agency that is run by two industry veterans, Tom and Stephen, who collectively have more than two decades of experience running e-commerce sites, working at digital marketing agencies, and helping small to medium size businesses achieve their digital growth goals.

While 54 & Cloudy has been operating as a small consultancy for the past two years, it is now looking to raise some funding and become a full-service digital marketing agency that will need to purchase technology assets and ramp up hiring to meet client demands. Additionally, once the 54 & Cloudy ramps up their marketing efforts, there will be a need for internal resources to manage all the new clients that they will onboard.

54 & Cloudy will operate initially as a fully remote organization with resources across various functional areas of the business including Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), Conversion Rate Optimization (“CRO”), paid advertising (including social media and search), as well as contractors who will support auxiliary revenue streams such as content writing and design services.

54 & Cloudy is well-positioned to quickly become one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in the industry given its existing reputation and the plans of building a proprietary technology solution that will bring meaningful value to clients. As 54 & Cloudy furthers their reputation in the market, 54 & Cloudy is poised for long-term success and will be able to increase hiring and expand service offerings to meet client demands with ease.

Service Offerings

After completing their fundraising, 54 & Cloudy will expand their operations to four main revenue streams:

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • SEO marketing services include SEO strategy development, technical SEO, keyword targeting, content marketing, and link building
  • Paid Advertising
    • Includes full-service PPC marketing efforts, including search engine advertising, paid shopping ads, display ads, paid social media ads, retargeting, and more
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • eCommerce CRO services will run over thousands of AB tests across a variety of eCommerce platforms with the goal of driving sales. Through targeted user research, a team of UX analysts, and psychological experts, 54 & Cloudy will grow not only transactions but average order and customer lifetime value for clients
  • Copywriting & Design Services
    • Industry-focused content writers and designers who excel in translating the voice and tone of a client’s business into conversion-driving copy or rich and engaging design


Financing Needed

Given the management team’s long-standing success in the industry, 54 & Cloudy will be looking to secure an SBA loan in the amount of $300,000 to finance the acquisition of initial startup technology costs as well as cover initial cash flow needs as 54 & Cloudy ramps up customer acquisition and operates at a loss in Year 1.


Given industry growth and the new technology platform 54 & Cloudy will develop, the projected next five years will see strong growth from DMA as they service new and existing clients while capturing additional wallet share with existing new services as 54 & Cloudy grows to become a one-stop-shop for all types of digital marketing. Across the company, 54 & Cloudy is projecting to ramp up meaningfully after securing their debt capital and hiring several resources to achieve 2022 revenue of $2,535,009, which will grow to $12.6 million by 2026. EBITDA will also grow from $738526 in 2022 to $5,115,174 by 2026.

Financial Highlights by Year