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Baby Nappies World

Management Summary

Our human resources strategy shall constitute an important element in realizing our business objectives and goals. By having enthusiastic, capable and motivated staff we intend to meet customers’ order fulfillment times and ensure their satisfaction with our products and service. This will also ensure that we build the competitive advantage of being able to comprehensively meet our customers’ needs. There will be need to evaluate jobs and remuneration packages against market benchmarks to employees for their agreed and set out tasks so as for ensure they are competitive.

6.1 Organizational Structure

Baby Nappies World shall be managed primarily by the directors/owners. The company will engage a non-formal functional organisation structure whereby people shall be focusing on their prime area of expertise. A non-formal structure is flexible and responsive to the market dictates, enabling the company to delight customers by providing them with what they want, when they want it and faster than the competition. In engaging this organisation structure we intend that there is open communication between all personnel at all levels.

As the company grows there will be more structure to the organisation, with new employees being assigned a supervisor or subordinate. When the company is at its full staff potential, it will operate as any closely held organisation, but maintain the personal interest in each employee’s personal and family welfare and their contributions to the business.

6.2 Management Team

The founders of Baby Nappies World are passionate about the activities it will promote and offer on the market. Management style will reflect the participation of the directors/shareholders. As outlined previously we do not intend to be very hierarchical especially considering our size and need to respond timeously to customers’ orders. Management’s ongoing initiatives will include driving sales, market share and productivity. Please find below a brief outline of the directors’ work experience and qualifications. (discussion omitted)

6.3 Personnel Plan

We believe this plan meets the commitments of our mission and business objectives. We intend to grow into a large organisation, though in doing so ensure that we wish to stay responsive to customers orders and requests. We want the company to stay lean and flexible so that we can respond to our markets’ needs quickly. As we expand and increase in size we do expect to increase our personnel.

Baby Nappies World recognises that our employees contribute fundamentally to the Company’s long-term prosperity, acknowledging our obligation to remunerate them competitively. We intend to compensate our personnel well, so as to retain their invaluable expertise and to ensure job satisfaction and enrichment through delegation of authority. Our compensation will include a competitive salary, generous profit sharing, plus a minimum of three weeks vacation. As time progresses we intend to enhance our capacity to attract and retain people of quality, inter alia, through benefits such as housing and family education grants.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
All departments P43,824 P76,174 P104,661
Other P0 P0 P0
Total People 7 10 12
Total Payroll P43,824 P76,174 P104,661

6.4 Training

At the onset training shall be obtained from Q, the suppliers of the manufacturing equipment, in the actual operations of the machines. Thereafter in-house training shall be undertaken. This training will not only include product and technical aspects, but also expand to give much greater knowledge of customers, market trends, products, new technology aids, and time management amongst other such variables. This is to ensure that we are continuously able to anticipate our markets needs-a proactive approach, which is so essential if we are to gain and maintain a competitive advantage on the market.

External training will be conducted, mainly in South Africa with reputable organisations to stay aware of the latest products and services on the market, and how to install or maintain them. This will also ensure that our personnel are able to meet the high standards, of these organisations.

6.5 Feedback and Control

  1. Important notices and developments will be continuously communicated to employees to keep them abreast of developments and promoting a sense of belonging and oneness in the organisation.
  2. We will encourage our employees to put forward any suggestions they might have   regarding the improvement of any of the company’s functions-an open door philosophy. Such a culture will enhance innovativeness and creativity, in turn leading to job satisfaction and enrichment.
  3. We intend to make sure that our employees understand the goals of the firm, are customer focused, proud of their work and work as a team. This will encourage employees to become entrepreneurial and customer responsible, in addition to unifying staff in customer focus and values.

6.6 Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise the fact that the broader community in which we operate affords us our ‘license to trade’. We intend to establish relationships based on trust and mutual advantage through engaging in a wide range of active social responsibility programs. Our efforts on community service will show that the company has its own community at heart, contributing towards the establishment of a good and reputable image. We intend to be a responsible corporate citizen fully contributing positively towards the environment in which we shall operate. Furthermore, (discussion omitted).