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Children's Products icon Diaper Manufacturer Business Plan

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Baby Nappies World


The diapers and sanitary pads market has not been fully explored. With this in mind we intend to aggressively market our existence. The introduction of quality sales and marketing literature will enable the company to effectively market to potential customers with a positive image and impression. This will be supported by the relationships we would have established with several of our customers and clients.

Throughout the year the intention will be to undertake regular evaluations of our products and marketing programs so as to ensure that we are in line with our intended objectives. In summary we intend to undertake the following:

  1. Tracking and follow-up: We intend to have the discipline, as an organisation, to track results of the business plan and make sure that we implement.
  2. Market segment focus: We intend to have the discipline to maintain the market segment focus.
  3. Saying no: Though difficult initially we intend to be able to say no to special deals that take us away from the target focus but in particular those that are unprofitable.

8.1 Financial Risks and Contingencies

  1. We intend to watch our results very carefully. We may need to drop a certain product type(s), if we cannot get the margin up or it seems to be unviable. We might be able to avoid the straight competition with the major companies by focusing more on the target market mentioned previously.
  2. Another possibility is the introduction of a new company(s) in our niche. Hence the need to undertake aggressive marketing and networking.

8.2 Implementation

Baby Nappies World will start by obtaining trial orders from several wholesalers and institutions with the objective being to impress them regarding our products’ quality. This will see us obtaining long-term contracts that will ensure we grow in the right direction. We will prepare our sales literature, including business cards mainly through engaging a reputable printing organisation. In undertaking the above we intend to ensure that the goals of the organisation are achieved as well as delegation of responsibility for maximum effectiveness.