New World Deli

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Deli Restaurant Business Plan

Products and Services

The New World Deli offers a breakfast and lunch menu, fresh cold cuts, drinks, and take-out prepared dishes.

Breakfast will include such items as omelettes, cereal, eggs, toast, yogurt, plus coffee and tea.

The lunch menu will consist of various cold cut sandwiches (turkey, ham, roast beef, etc.) plus prepared salads including:

  • Caesar Salad.
  • Greek Salad.
  • Watercress and Sesame Salad.
  • Homemade Potato Salad.
  • Italian Eggplant Salad.
  • Maury Island Cranberry Arctic Salad.

In addition, Ms. Ericson will be offering her own salmon dressing to compliment these offerings. Finally, New World Deli will offer its unique Pacific Northwest style cuisine. This includes Ms. Ericson's own creations such as:

  •  Coos Bay Hot Crab Sandwiches.
  •  Columbia Salmon Rolls.
  •  Anacortes Seafood Burgers.
  •  Smoked Salmon Sourdough Bread.
  •  Washington Bruschetta Steak Sandwiches.
  •  Hood River Fresh Apple Cake.
  •  Widbey Loganberry Tarts.

In addition, Ms. Ericson is negotiating with a local coffee and espresso provider to form a strategic alliance that will allow New World Deli patrons to enjoy those products.

3.1 Product and Service Description

Much of the New World Deli's food description is mentioned elsewhere, however, the starting menu to be offered is as follows:


  1. Eggs, made to order.
  2. Toast: rye, wheat or white.
  3. Bacon.
  4. Ham.
  5. Yogurt.
  6. Fruit.
  7. Hash Browns.
  8. Coffee and Orange Juice.



  1. Turkey Sub.
  2. Ham and Cheese Sub.
  3. Roast Chicken Club.
  4. Veggie Sandwich.
  5. Tuna Sub.
  6. Coos Bay Hot Crab Sandwiches.
  7. Columbia Salmon Rolls.
  8. Anacortes Seafood Burgers.
  9. Smoked Salmon Sourdough Bread.
  10. Washington Bruschetta Steak Sandwiches.
  11. Hood River Fresh Apple Cake.
  12. Widbey Loganberry Tarts.
  13. Chips.
  14. Homemade Organic Willamette Chili.
  15. Organic Vegetable and Chicken Soup.


  1. Caesar Salad.
  2. Greek Salad.
  3. Watercress and Sesame Salad.
  4. Homemade Potato Salad.
  5. Italian Eggplant Salad.
  6. Maury Island Cranberry Arctic Salad.


  1. Ocean Spray products.
  2. Soft drinks (Pepsi products).
  3. Coffee.
  4. Tea.
  5. Chai.
Take-home dinners consist of the lunch entrees packaged for the customers. Any of the breakfast or lunch entrees can be premade, or prepared in two to three minutes to insure rapid service and high customer satisfaction.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

The competition facing New World Deli is vast. This includes every eating establishment in the Eugene/Springfield area. Major competitors include Taco Time, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Burrito Boy, La Salsa Taqueria, Subway Sandwiches, Cousins, Subs and many other "mom and pop" style organizations too numerous to list. Furthermore, there is a large number of substitute suppliers from grocery stores that offer prepackaged meals to upscale sit down restaurants such as Ambrosia's. Drawing any sort of general conclusions from such a vast array of competitors is difficult, but you can say that just about every conceivable product or service idea, and just about every taste is encompassed within this group.

Many of the smaller firms, due to lack of funds are only able to carry out the most basic of marketing strategies. NWD intends to leverage its locational advantage to create higher profits that will in turn fuel marketing efforts. However, the larger firms have comprehensive national marketing strategies that draw in hundreds of customers per week. NWD's answer to this is to promote its local flavor and cuisine and draw in those individuals who see fast food as unhealthy and of low quality. Therefore the owner of NWD believes that there is significant opportunity to gain local market share.

3.3 Sales Literature

Our main sales literature will consist of flyers sent though the mail, and promotional advertisements offered to local businesses. Relevant information such as a comprehensive menu, costs, description of some of NWD's more distinct items, and address and delivery number will be included.

3.4 Future Products and Services

Ms. Ericson is planning on introducing new menu items as time and profitability permit. Furthermore as a recognized local authority on Northwest cooking Ms. Ericson plans to offer her soon to be published cookbook on the Deli's premises.

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