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New World Deli


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Most of our marketing efforts have already been mentioned. Our marketing strategy focuses mainly on making our existence known to the people working close to our location.  It also depends on making our Northwest Pacific theme known to those same people.

We can focus on local marketing: our signage, a grand opening party, and flyers to local offices.

Sales Plan

We need to offer fast service at peak times.  The key is a good crowd balance, so that we never look empty but we are never so full that we turn people away.  Lines have to move fast.

We need a good selection of convenient foods.

Our most important sales strategy is develop repeat business.  Every customer who comes in has to want to return. To that end, we will offer some of the more established sales strategies such as discount cards, special menu days, and a regularly changing menu. NWD intends to keep accurate track of what types of sandwiches and other foods sell well and to create a program of customer feedback through surveys. With this information we will be able to streamline our food line to match the local tastes and encourage more people to eat at New World Deli.

Finally we will design a home/business delivery system that will allow for the dropping off of food within 1/2 hour after the order is made to insure the best possible eating experience and customer churn rate.


Locations & Facilities

New World Deli will be located in Eugene, Oregon on the corner of 7th and Main. The facilities will include a 25 person capacity eating area, counter/front area, and backroom area where refrigerators, commercial stoves and ovens are located.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Website Plan
June 06, 2020
Website Implementation
June 21, 2020
Recruitment Marketing Person
July 11, 2020
Sales Contacts and News Marketing
July 25, 2020

Key Metrics

Our Key metrics are: 

  • # of customers that return in a month 
  • our best selling products 
  • inventory turn over 
  • customer reviews