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Entertainment icon Dating Matchmaking Service Business Plan

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Web Plan Summary

Although CompuDate will be actively using computers for the choosing the matches, its use of computers for the website will fairly limited. The website will be used primarily for informational purposes. Users will not have the option of signing up or filling out the survey online, that all must be done in person at CompuDate’s offices.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

CompuDate will rely on two methods of generating increased traffic of visitors to its website. The first method is simply the inclusion of the Web address on all forms of literature that CompuDate may hand out. Having the address on these printed forms will certainly encourage more people to check out the website. The second method is the submission of the website and keywords to popular search engines. This is useful because as users type in CompuDate’s name or a related keyword the CompuDate site will come up.

6.2 Development Requirements

CompuDate will utilize a knowledgeable Internet development consultant to complete the site.