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JTB Integrated Technologies

Strategy and Implementation Summary

JTB’s strategy is to utilize our own products while working with new clients, as demonstrations are better than literature. Our sales staff will interact with potential clients and vendors simultaneously, providing a demonstration environment. Further attention will be drawn to our low-cost forms of marketing and marketing sites, all featuring our “powered by” logos. As these sites acquire users, we will accumulate detailed business information, allowing our staff to more accurately approach these businesses to review our products and services.

What will set JTB apart from the competition:

  1. JTB’s products have flexible core features to help make them more easily adaptable to our users’ needs.
  2. JTB’s P.C.-based applications do not require their users to have the latest in computer technology, as the hosting server provides most of the application’s required support.
  3. JTB’s offering of services will be a combined offering providing quality options, flexible features, and complete customization to suit our Industrial clients’ needs.
  4. JTB offers interactive media marketplaces for its clients as a part of its offering of quality services, our applications also interact with these marketplaces making quality customer access and support possible.

5.1 Sales Strategy

JTB’s Integrated Technologies Division has a simple sales strategy. By demonstrating the effectiveness of the software, as we use it, in all of our interactions with customers in the other two divisions, we will create an interest among the existing clients of JTB Industrial Sales and JTB Products and Services. Our sales agents will begin contacts with existing clients of the other divisions, and work closely with them to customize applications, hosting services, and support which meet their individual needs. These clients will then be used as further demonstrations to new potential clients of how our software is helping real businesses in these industries to improve their inventory tracking, customer service, sales, and internal communications.

5.1.1 Sales Forecast

With potential clients and distributor partners numbering near 330,000, the sales forecast for JTB’s Integrated Technologies Division looks strong. We are developing our own products and services for resale, in the form of renewable subscribed services. With the average business spending approximately $3,000 or more annually, this quickly becomes a $990 Million dollar marketplace. 

The following table and charts show our projected sales for the Integrated technologies Division. The first nine months of the plan are required lead-time for software development, during which we will have almost no sales. As the website functionality is established, we expect some small income from resale of distributed products beginning in July. After much internal testing, our launch date for the initial version of the standard integrated-software package is November 10th, 2005. After this point, we expect a heavy increase in sales, as customers of the other JTB divisions see the advantage of buying a low-cost, fully-integrated software system which suits their industry needs.

Direct inventory costs for these products and services is very low, since most of the related costs are R&D based, and are covered in regular employee payroll. Inventory costs are mostly applicable to resale of outside software and products. Direct costs for internally-developed software include outsourced packaging of the completed CD-ROMs and redelivery to the Richfield location for shipping. CD-ROM packaging will be outsourced to a reputable plant in the local area. Other costs include new software and upgrades to servers as we expand our hosting and support capabilities, and travel expenses for employees to personally install the software packages on clients’ computer systems.

Our sales forecast table uses the following assumptions:

  1. Auto body Products market growth rate of 14%.
  2. Auto body Services market growth rate of  7%.
  3. Commercial Drilling market growth rate of  22%.
  4. Sporting Goods Products market growth rate of 18%.
  5. Sporting Goods Services market growth rate of 15%.
  6. Metalworking and Manufacturing market growth rate of 14%..
  7. Service providers for the above industries, market growth rate of 4%.
  8. Distributor Partners market growth rate of 4%.

Categories 1-6 highlight our targeted market clientele all of which show a consistent growth growth rate that is consistent with the other JTB divisions. Categories 7 and 8 represent approximately 1,500 – 6,000 partners who could participate in servicing categories 1-6. JTB anticipates additional marketing revenues from providing the distributor partners access to the customer databases.

Database software business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Database software business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Interactive media site revenues $5,500 $71,360 $87,059 $97,506 $117,772
Custom Applications Revenue $0 $26,346 $30,297 $34,841 $40,067
Existing Applications Revenue $3,724 $35,282 $40,574 $46,660 $53,659
Support Services Revenue $2,880 $29,000 $40,600 $56,840 $79,576
Distributed Resale Products $10,900 $24,000 $48,000 $60,000 $90,000
Distributor Partner Revenues $0 $8,160 $10,200 $12,750 $15,937
Affitiate Revenue $200 $5,800 $11,600 $23,200 $46,400
Total Sales $23,204 $199,948 $268,330 $331,797 $443,411
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Interactive media site $1,100 $14,272 $17,412 $19,501 $23,554
Custom Applications $0 $2,635 $3,030 $3,484 $4,007
Existing Applications $372 $3,528 $4,057 $4,666 $5,366
Support Services $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Distributed Resale Products $6,976 $15,360 $30,720 $38,400 $57,600
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $8,448 $35,795 $55,219 $66,051 $90,527

5.2 Strategic Alliances

JTB’s Integrated Technologies division will develop long-term relationships with many quality media developers, to provide our clients with a broad offering of products and services. Our developer partners and technology suppliers will be hand-picked for their products and capabilities. Our main goal while developing our strategic alliances is to select the best possible providers we can locate. JTB will network with our clients and distributor partners to create a unique collaborative environment capable of providing the needed input to fulfill and complete our media projects.

5.3 Marketing Strategy

  1. Develop a high profile sales environment, to bring our products to new and existing clients.
  2. Develop new ways to market our products to potential clients via our branded applications and software.
  3. Develop distributor partnerships utilizing our P.C.-based applications.
  4. Develop and maintain high-quality customer service and follow-up programs for all of the JTB divisions.
  5. Develop and utilize an ongoing automated marketing system to contact potential clients.
  6. Carefully target marketing expenditures to maximize returns on the campaigns.

5.3.1 Promotion Strategy

Much of our media marketing products, custom developed applications, P.C.-based sales and customer support products can be offered on a trial and demonstration arrangement. Promotion strategy will include a 100% performance guaranty with a limited-time money-back offer. Part of our strategy is to develop the products in such a way that modules can be added when the client would like additional features. All of our products will have a help and support area for the clients to access 24 hours; this will also allow a no-cost Web-based demonstration and product marketing environment.

5.3.2 Distribution Strategy

JTB will implement a Web-based distribution of its business applications, allowing JTB or other Web developers to instantly setup or install our applications on PCs. With Internet-based accessibility, the distribution costs are minimal. Some custom applications may use CD-ROMs to get the applications to the customer.

5.3.3 Positioning Statement

JTB Integrated Technologies will initially focus entirely on the development of its online media and business applications. When these initial software products are completed, JTB will position its industrial website technology in the industrial marketplace. Once established, marketing can immediately begin to develop the intended markets, with emphasis on marketing programs developed to generate subscription revenues as quickly as possible. As noted in the competitive edge, our mix of media products and services are developed to interact with sellers and buyers in the industrial marketplace, providing badly needed improvements in the marketing process. As our visitors and clients interact in our developed media environment, they will get a full appreciation of what JTB’s goals are in the marketplace.

Additionally, our representation of quality software products can be marketed within our media environment. 

5.3.4 Pricing Strategy

JTB’s product offering is developed to target small- to mid-sized corporations seeking overall improvements in the sales and marketing process. Our mix of products and services allows the client to cost-effectively develop their products, bring them to market, and provide the product with the highest possible level of support. Product and service pricing are based in part on time spent to customize applications, support services, subscription, licensing, and advertisement fees. As JTB will develop its own applications and media environments, our overall platform can be re-used many times over, making JTB’s offering extremely cost competitive.

5.4 Milestones

Hire Application Developers – JTB will seek multi-talented individuals to create the desired P.C.-based business applications we plan to develop as part of our product offering. These employees will work closely with management to custom-develop the base code needed for our application.

Hire Web Developer – JTB will seek a highly-experienced database applications Web developer to create the desired Internet applications to work in conjunction with our developed P.C applications. This employee will work closely with management to develop management’s concepts into logical, well-planned Web-based business development, customer service, marketing, and engineering related tools.

Applications development begins – JTB’s application developers will begin development of our sales, marketing and engineering applications for integration with the corporation’s websites, as an aid for staff members to manage customer requests, develop projects with other firms seeking engineering help, and exporting sales and engineering information about our products and services offering. When completed, these P.C.-based tools will interact with our Internet-based sites, and will become part of our applications offering of customer support products. 

Sales and Marketing program development – JTB will develop a substantial database-driven marketing program to contact new clients directly. JTB has a good overall view of the U.S. market, its buying patterns, and its marketing preferences. With this information, JTB can better tailor its product and service offerings, generating a better return on our marketing efforts.

Customer Service Associate Manager and Support Associate selection – JTB will screen applicants for skilled individuals seeking to develop a career in customer services. This person will need excellent computer skills, some previous website support experience, and previous sales experience. Both employees will work closely with Mr. Jeremy and the developers for intensive training in all areas of our products and services offering.

Marketing Sites are established – JTB will develop and manage multiple marketing sites dedicated to JTB’s entire line of industrial products and services. These sites will also generate revenue with additional product marketing from our distributor partners.

Revenue Sites are established – JTB will develop and manage multiple industry-specific sites. These sites will be a pay-per-ad situation, allowing businesses to highlight their products and services. The JTB media group’s logo will allow visitors to access our product and service sites. In some cases JTB will be a vendor in these sites as well.

Partnership Development Begins – JTB will implement its distributor partnership program to expand its client base throughout the U.S.

Database software business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Hire Application Developers 12/31/2004 1/31/2005 $1,500 M. Jeremy App Development
Hire Web Developer 12/31/2004 1/31/2005 $500 M. Jeremy Web Development
Application development 2/15/2005 9/15/2005 $70,200 M. Jeremy App Development
Revenue Sites are established 4/15/2005 6/15/2005 $9,000 M. Jeremy Sales/Marketing
Partnership Development Begins 7/1/2005 3/1/2006 $5,000 M. Jeremy Sales/Marketing
Finish Beta Version of Software 8/15/2005 9/1/2005 $0 M. Jeremy Sales/Marketing
Marketing Sites are established 9/15/2005 11/15/2005 $7,500 M. Jeremy Sales/Marketing
Hire Customer Service Manager 10/1/2005 10/31/2005 $0 M. Jeremy Sales/Marketing
Hire Customer Support Associate 10/1/2005 10/31/2005 $0 M. Jeremy Sales/Marketing
Sales and Marketing program development 11/1/2005 4/15/2006 $18,950 M. Jeremy Sales/Marketing
Launch Initial Software 11/9/2005 11/10/2005 $0 M. Jeremy Sales/Marketing
Totals $112,650

5.5 Competitive Edge

JTB’s combined competitive edge is an overall approach to market our goods and services to many different industries. Our unique approach of developing our own branded P.C.-based sales and marketing applications will strengthen our ties to our distributor partners and direct clients. As computer networking is a strong area for the owners personally, we see the benefits to businesses that have solid network based sales and marketing tools in place.

5.6 Value Proposition

JTB’s value proposition is entirely about working with businesses in a consulting fashion, working closely with the business’ sales, marketing, engineering, and management so our products can create a better working environment for our staff and clients. Our tailored products will streamline all aspects of customer support, creating continual savings for the client. As these products are scripted in a way that allows adaptability, the costs of a complete customization are minimal.

Further value is added when we can offer our intended clients a quality marketing and work procurement environment geared to helping their businesses grow.