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JTB Integrated Technologies

Products and Services

JTB Integrated Technologies will develop and support P.C.-based sales and customer support applications. Our primary product will be a set of data management applications for businesses in the industries served by our other divisions, as described above in the Company Summary. These applications will provide our staff, and our clients’ inside sales staff, with database-driven, market-specific product information, quotation, and RFQ processing. Our custom solutions will provide a rich source for sales and engineering information to aid in completing orders, and pre-sales marketing.

After development of the standard software packages for inventory-sharing, marketing and customer-support tracking and management, we will train our own sales and support personnel in the software, so they can demonstrate and support its features. In the second year, we will begin working with medium-sized industrial clients contacted through the other JTB divisions to develop customized version of the software to suit their needs.

Our website development is the secondary project of JTB’s Integrated Technologies Division. In addition to providing support for sales and marketing efforts in all three JTB divisions, the website will implement the JTB software in real-time, to provide additional testing for software during development. Starting in year two, the website will begin hosting other clients’ websites and client-version software for non-networked clients.

When completed, our products will also generate support income when installed at the various distributors. Further niche applications include industry-specific portal systems which will target specific markets, and provide direct access to our paid advertisers.

JTB Integrated Technologies will develop customized business growth and customer services solutions. As our clients will be throughout the U.S., most if not all of our work will be done online via the Internet. JTB will offer distributed software products from well known names in the engineering software field, and our own software titles as well. Our support services will help our clients implement their installations, and training support via contracted trainers will be offered when needed. As our niche market is small- to mid-sized corporations, we differ from larger firms like Peoplesoftware, Profit2100, Dimasystems, and Net2soft, which have developed very expensive software and netware packages starting at $10,000 – $50,000 and up.

Our cost analysis has shown that there are many more cost-competitive options available for businesses to choose from, which in many cases they are simply unaware they are available. As a service business that will utilize our own products, we can market and demo our products simultaneously, further reducing our costs per solicitation. 

3.1 Product and Service Description


Custom-developed P.C.- and network-based applications allowing as many as 100 users simultaneous access to order processing, quotation processing, pre-sales product request fulfillment, after-sales product support, and custom networked business solution products. These products can be thought of as support applications or tools for a business’ sales and marketing staff to work with daily to streamline many repetitive tasks. The products will be designed to work with Windows®-based software applications.

Basically, these software tools will fill in the gaps where businesses may have older accounting and marketing systems. Our products can run on older networks, and do not require a company to upgrade their computer systems past Windows 98. Additionally, management is professionally schooled in network management, allowing JTB to also offer complete turn-key applications with hardware.

Custom Developed Applications – P.C.-based products will be developed to interact with our Intranet products allowing a customizable work environment for our clients’ business support needs.

Distributors of prototype engineering software and hardware – CAD software products, business applications software, Accounting and Database applications software.


A mix of product support and development services, supporting our applications and P.C.-based products. Distribution after-sales support of our resold products offering.

Custom support services – JTB will offer custom support services for all of our P.C.-based products, and turn-key business networks and software.

Internet based marketing and subscription services – Industrial marketing sites, search engines, and portal systems, Industrial website development, Industrial and commercial hosting.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

JTB will compete in the industrial media and business applications marketplace. This market is comprised of printed trade magazines, industrial content websites, and with custom Web developers. Our emphasis is on businesses that are looking for smart, cost-effective ways to develop new customers. This division will provide sales and support of our engineering software and services, and our developed applications and Web-based services.  In many respects our services offering is very similar to what is offered by some very large firms with one major difference, the cost to the end users.

Our integrated products will give smaller businesses better media opportunities to grow and market themselves with the much needed customer support features that many firms are lacking. It is no secret that most businesses do not implement a quality business plan or marketing plan. JTB will offer a mix of products geared to our industry. These products present all of the features and capabilities that a very large corporations staff would utilize, while keeping our products simplified to expedite the required tasks. Our other divisions will utilize, test, and help develop this technology.

In terms of competition, no other firm in our industry really will have a similar product offering. By distributing such high-quality business software, we can introduce JTB to all types of businesses, possibly opening up doors to clients on whom we otherwise could not call. Distributing the latest prototype development products also introduces the company to the engineering departments rather than the purchasing departments allowing further opportunity to introduce all of the JTB divisions. In general, this division could be considered an engineered sales and marketing firm that utilizes our own technology to grow our business. 

3.3 Sales Literature

JTB’s Integrated Technologies division will utilize the same methods of providing our clients with sales literature as our other divisions. We will purchase and manage our own color print systems allowing us to update and manage our printed goods as needed. These printed items will be mailed to our clients when written proposals on our products and services are dispatched to the customer. Other media will include product information via our websites and fax services.

3.4 Fulfillment

JTB’s Integrated Technologies division will fulfill its clients’ needs by developing its own media to support our Web-based products. This media will handle customer support and download capabilities for clients to access our products. Boxed CD versions of our products will available in our inventory, and shipped as needed. Further fulfillment comes when our staff or an outsourced engineer travels to a client to make a hardware or software installation.

3.5 Technology

JTB’s technology consists of the latest in high speed Unix based servers to support our PHP driven business applications, in addition to the server technology, JTB will also develop local P.C.-based applications with MYSQL Databases.

Additionally, management will personally build and implement a custom computer network throughout the entire corporation. Our in-house servers will support our corporate applications and our Accounting and Marketing systems.