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U&Me Dance

Web Plan Summary

U&ME Dance has a Web page,, that is designed to provide a convenient way for people to discover our studio.  For marketing purposes the Web page will be linked to other dance Web sites and, since it has dance in the title, it will show up on different search engines.  Our students will be able to use the Web site to look up group class schedules, upcoming events, studio news, and lesson prices. Students and prospective students will also be able to contact teachers via e-mail.  Teachers will have the Web site on their business cards, and it will appear on our ads to offer people a chance to look at the space, meet the teachers and check prices, and ask questions before they enter the studio.  

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

We plan to link our Web site with some prominent Seattle area dance Web sites as well as the city Web sites, and local recreational sites.  We will also link with some national Web sites in order to increase the possibility of people reaching us on the Web. By having the word dance in our title we should show up easily on different search engines, which will increase our potential to be seen by our own market.

Our Web site has been designed to offer looks into our prices, lesson outlines and definitions, our staff and pictures of the studio.  We will provide pages that explore upcoming events at the studio as well as community dance events.  We will keep people posted on the national news of dance as well as local.  We will always have a current calendar of events for the convenience of our students.  We will also have a showboard to show off different pictures of events from our studio.

U&ME Dance will  also have a link page for other studios in Washington and national, places to dance, and national dance organizations.

6.2 Development Requirements

We have created and maintained our Web page ourselves. We will continue to do so in the future.