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Products and Services

Your T-Shirt! is a custom T-shirt sublimation company that offering customers a choice of imagery (ours or theirs) to apply to the front or back of a shirt.

Sublimation is a process using heat to transfer (embed) ink into a fabric surface such as a shirt. The alternative method of creating custom shirt designs is called silk-screening, a process in which a screen is made with an image and that image is transferred onto a shirt. Because set-up costs are high silk-screening is not cost effective for small number production runs. Another disadvantage is that silk-screening applies a thin layer of ink to the surface the shirt inhibiting breathability. The sublimation process avoids this problem since the ink is not coating the fabric's surface, but rather, is embedded in the fabric. Only with recent technological advances has sublimation become cost effective in small production runs.

While other vendors are able to offer sublimation in single production runs, their computer based sublimation process produces lower image quality. Your T-Shirt! takes sublimation one step further by producing the graphic images at a higher resolution than other existing technologies. Through a strategic relationship with David's former employer, Hewlett-Packard, Your T-Shirt! has access to their new prototype sublimation high resolution printer giving Your T-Shirt! a significant advantage.

Your T-Shirt! will offer custom sublimation mainly on T-shirts, but will have other shirt styles available. Customers can choose from traditional cotton-blend shirts or all natural fiber cotton shirts.

Customers can then choose from pre-existing graphics or custom artwork. The pre-existing graphics are chosen from an extensive catalog. Your T-Shirt! has developed strategic relationships with several companies that offer a wide range of graphic images. The relationships allow Your T-Shirt! to list the other company's graphics within their catalog thereby significantly options. These images can be viewed and ordered online, providing customers with flexibility and convenience. Your T-Shirt! will have a comprehensive Website that will allow ordering a customer's home, or where ever they may be. Additionally, Your T-Shirt! will have a computer kiosk in the store front as an in-store catalog.

Your T-Shirt! will also offer custom artwork or graphic options for sublimation. The customer may bring in a graphic or may use Your T-Shirt!'s sub-contracted artist to realize their vision. Your T-Shirt!'s artist can take a customer's pencil drawing or even articulated thoughts and turn them into a new design.

Your T-Shirt! will offer a range of different shirt options. As indicated by the name, there will be an emphasis on T-shirts. Short sleeves, long sleeves, organic fabrics, and a variety of polo, rugby and other styles will also be offered.

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