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Custom Printed T-Shirts Business Plan

Management Summary

Your T-Shirt! has been founded and will be led by David Inkler. David received his undergraduate degree in accounting/marketing from Seattle University. Upon graduation David moved down to Corvallis, Oregon and worked with Hewlett-Packard in their printer division. David spent three years with HP as a product marketing specialist, providing marketing assistance at a national level as well as being responsible for more grass roots, event specific marketing.

Recognizing that he did not want to spend the rest of his life working for someone else and recognizing that he did not have a sufficient skill set to start his own company yet, David enrolled in the University of Washington's MBA program. David did a cost benefit analysis and determined that it would be wise to take on debt and forgo two years of wages to be able to pursue his dream of opening his own business.

The completion of the MBA program forced David to then make some significant decisions regarding what business he wanted to start. While in college David had a few years of experience with t-shirts making and selling tie-dyed shirts to friends and at various music events. Within that niche, David quickly got a sense of what his customers wanted in tie-dyed t-shirts. Making the tie-dyes also gave David an outlet for his creativity.

When working for HP David became quite good friends with several of the unit leaders. It was these relationships that provided David with the opportunity to use cutting edge technology for his t-shirts. HP had been working on sublimation technology for several years, continually trying to increase the resolution quality. HP saw David's business idea as an excellent marketing project to test the technology and the business model. David and HP entered into an agreement where David would receive HP's latest equipment and in return David would provide HP with a wealth of product and marketing feedback. This appeared to be a win-win situation.

David's idea of developing a custom t-shirt printing business was a marriage of his business skills, his previous t-shirt experience, the leveraging of exclusive cutting-edge technology and his creativity. The more he thought about it the more he was convinced that this idea would satisfy his need for a challenging yet enjoyable job/business.

7.1 Personnel Plan

Your T-Shirt! will require the following personnel for operations:

  • David -- Business development, finance and high level accounting, customer service, shirt printing
  • Printer -- Shirt printing
  • In-store retail employee -- Help customers with placing or existing orders
  • Bookkeeper -- Accounts receivable and payable
  • Independent contractor -- Graphic artist
Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
David $22,000 $26,000 $30,000
In-store employee $13,000 $13,000 $13,000
In-store employee $7,200 $11,000 $11,000
Printer $16,200 $21,000 $21,000
Bookkeeper $10,000 $12,000 $12,000
Total People 5 5 5
Total Payroll $68,400 $83,000 $87,000

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