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Gentle Touch Creations

Executive Summary

Gentle Touch Creations is a start-up business specializing in hand-made herbal products created by Joanne Lovejoy, the company founder. These products include herbal therapy packs, soaps, Saint-John’s-wort oil, balsam eye packs, salves, moisturizers, herbal bath bags, and bath powder. All Gentle Touch Creations are made from herbs that are either garden grown or gathered in local fields or wooded areas when they are at their peak of maturity and the concentration of active ingredients is highest.

Herbal products have grown in popularity with consumers over the past ten years. Herbal products industry exceeded $4.3 billion dollar in sales last year. Where once a customer would have to go to a speciality shop to purchase herbal products, now those same product are available at the local supermarket. The demand has created a cottage industry of supplying herbal products to companies who then market the product under their own brand name.

Gentle Touch Creations will sell its product line to herbal product companies that sell baskets with specific themes (such as balsam salve and eye packs).

Joanne Lovejoy has seven years of experience in the herbal product industry. She has worked as a Product Manager for both Jerry’s Herbal Products and Safe Soap. She has maintained her contacts in the industry and has already signed contracts with Forest Meadows Products and WindWalker Products to supply herbal therapy packs, salves, balsam eye pack, and Saint-John’s-wort oil.

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1.1 Mission

The mission of Gentle Touch Creations is to create herbal products that heal, sooth and cleanse our customers.

1.2 Objectives

The objectives for Gentle Touch Creations are as follows:

  • Achieve sales goal of $120,000 during first year of operation.
  • Achieve a regular customer base of 10 companies.
  • Increase sales by 15% during the second year of operation.