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The Coffee Break

Products and Services

The Coffee Break will be offering many products and services. Some of these are:

  • Coffee bar/soda fountain
  • Ice cream
  • Magazines, newspapers, and other reading material
  • Personal Goods
  • Beverages and other highly-purchased goods
  • Other

3.1 Product and Service Description

The products and services that The Coffee Break will provide are below. They include:

  • Coffee bar/soda fountain- This will provide a more elaborate choice of beverage beside the standard juice, pop, and water. Use of quality coffee, soda, and other ingredients will establish The Coffee Break as the place for attaining such high-quality goods.
  • Ice cream- A variety of 10 flavors will be available from the local Dairy. Already known for excellence, the ice cream will be available in basic scoops, sundaes, banana splits, and other favorite novelties. Again, this will incorporate great products at lower expense, thus maintaining our customers.
  • Magazines, newspapers, and other reading material- The Coffee Break will offer 3 major newspapers and a variety of magazines tending towards sports, American culture, relaxation, and travel. Due to the location of Coffee Break, little emphasis will be made on news and politics. Rather, as a place of relaxation and leisure, reading material will focus on those subjects.
  • Personal Goods- Due to The Coffee Break’s clientele being based from the OSU campus and businesses, many goods will be available that may be needed on an “emergency” type basis. This will include small quantity of basic medical, beauty, automotive, travel, and office goods.
  • Beverages and other highly-purchased goods- Realizing the basic purchasing pattern of students, we will focus on their needs in such areas such as beverages and other goods.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Our competition will be more varied. Since this is the first combination of a convenience store and ice cream/soda shop, competition will result from two areas.

  1. Convenience stores- This competition will be from national franchises that have established convenience stores in or near Bend, Oregon. Although they will focus more on the in-and-out customer, we will be able to provide the same speed with better quality and service.
  2. Ice cream/soda shops- One such store exists currently in Bend. While they have a strong customer base, we will be able to break into the market due to our prime location near the OSU campus and the variety of products and services that can be attained at one place.
  3. Coffee shops- There are many coffee shops that offer a place for reading or studying. However, The Coffee Break will focus on providing gourmet coffee for those needing to continue on with their day. We feel that great coffee should not be available only for those who want to stay and mingle. Our coffee will soon be a recognized as a known standard for campus drinks, especially since there are no other nearby coffee shops for those on campus.

3.3 Sales Literature

Because of the small population, heavy sales and marketing will not be needed. Rather, The Coffee Break will emphasize word-of-mouth advertisement, along with promotions broadcast on campus. During the first two weeks of business, flyers will be passed around campus for notification of The Coffee Break and it’s opening. We have allotted a small amount each month for any needed advertising.

3.4 Fulfillment

Again, because of the small population, relationships with manufacturers and distributors will be essential to maintain. Based on preliminary discussions and feedback, manufacturers and distributors are eager to assist with The Coffee Break’s firm establishment in Bend.

Communication is a must and will be maintained regularly. To assist manufacturers and distributors, as well as myself, promptness will aid in all transactions and customer service.

3.5 Future Products and Services

At this time, there are no plans for expanded services or products. As business continues, we will re-evaluate to see if there is a part of the market that is being overlooked or could be better assisted.

3.6 Technology

Due to the basic setting of The Coffee Break, there will be little need for modern technology in the “nostalgic” setting. Plans include attainment of a state of the art coffee/espresso machine and antiqued soda fountain. Coolers will be of high quality to ensure products maintain their proper temperature level.