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The Coffee Break

Executive Summary

With the expansion of the Oregon State University (OSU) campus and tourism growing in the Bend, Oregon area, The Coffee Break will start business to provide convenience while still maintaining nutrition and satisfaction. Market research shows a promising demographic in females, and people over 55 years of age. We will facilitate their demands by offering great food in a timely manner. Also, The Coffee Break will have a small coffee bar, soda fountain, and ice cream case for those who wish to take time from their day to enjoy a delicious refreshment.

Our three main targeted markets are students, business people, and tourists. All of these segments appear to be growing in size and demand. Our prime location will facilitate convenience to many of our customers.

Convenience store soda fountain business plan, executive summary chart image

1.1 Mission

The Coffee Break will set a new precedent for local standards. No longer will convenience stores, ice cream shops, coffee stands, and relaxation be offered separately, but will be combined at one location for convenience and ease. Regardless of the 5 minute customer, or the browser, everyone will feel at ease at The Coffee Break and return for that same level of comfort.

1.2 Keys to Success

The Coffee Break’s keys to success are:

  1. Located near a university, hospital, several small business, and local tourist attractions, the customer base will be ever growing.
  2. First in area to combine a convenience store with a nostalgic setting.
  3. Flexible hours to incorporate both peak and off-peak customers.
  4. Unique and high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

1.3 Objectives

The Coffee Break will be a convenience store for busy college students, local business employees, and tourists. It will soon rise to be the trendy place to shop for quick needs and a little relaxation to a busy day. To achieve this, The Coffee Break will:

  1. Generate $218,000 of sales in year 1, with an 11% growth rate for the next four years.
  2. Realize a gross margin of at least 55% each year.
  3. Show a net profit of $20,000 by the end of the year 1.