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HodgePodge Sealcoating Company

Management Summary

HodgePodge is owned and operated by Dan Slopster. Dan was first introduced to sealcoating during his summer before leaving for college. Dan created his own small sealcoating company where he would walk around the neighborhood and sign up neighbors for sealcoating jobs. This occurred after sealcoating his parents driveway and recognizing that after you get into a rhythm, it was not that difficult. Dan would do everything himself, the soliciting of the job as well as all the work.

The next year Dan went off to college, pursuing his Bachelor of Arts at Washington and Jefferson College. When Dan came home during the summers, he usually had several old customers calling him asking him to do their driveway. Dan was generally more than happy as it was easy money for him. Ultimately, Dan graduated and went to work in the Human Resource department of Heinz which have their corporate offices in Pittsburgh. This was a good experience but working for someone for the rest of Dan’s life is not his cup of tea.

Dan left Heinz, moved down to Washington, PA and began contemplating what he could do as his own boss. After researching the market he realized that his old job as a sealcoater was an especially attractive industry because the industry in general had poor customer service. His research indicated a new company could be a success if it concentrated on satisfying the customer.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Dan will be working full time for HodgePodge. He will be doing the hiring, training, sales, and strategic development, as well as helping out with the actual driveway work for training proposes.

Three full-time employees will be hired by month three and they will be working with HodgePodge through the beginning of November when the sealcoating season will be coming to an end.

For the second season, three more people will be hired (an additional crew).

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Dan $36,000 $36,000 $36,000
Employee 1 $8,960 $8,960 $8,960
Employee 2 $8,960 $8,960 $8,960
Employee 3 $8,960 $8,960 $8,960
Employee 4 $0 $8,960 $8,960
Employee 5 $0 $8,960 $8,960
Employee 6 $0 $8,960 $8,960
Total People 1 7 7
Total Payroll $62,880 $89,760 $89,760