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Fiberglass World, Inc.


Fiberglass World has pioneered insulative fiberglass roof tiles and insulative fiberglass structural exterior panels. Both products have a molded texture look of stucco and are fire retardant. Fiberglass Plate will replace many systems now used in the construction industry. Fiberglass Plate fiberglass roof tiles and panels are lightweight and very energy efficient. The selling price of Fiberglass Plate fiberglass roof tiles and fiberglass exterior structural panels is competitive with any other top quality building material.

Fiberglass panels can be manufactured from 1/4″ to 3″ thick and can be marketed from $3.00 per square foot.  Fiberglass Plate roof tiles are priced at $450.00 per square. A square equals a section of roofing 10 feet by 10 feet. This selling price includes the finishing pieces. Fiberglass Plate Products have the molded texture look of stucco and can be manufactured in any color; both are fire retardant and meet all construction codes, are insulative, and offer a finished product with any desired features.

3.1 Product Description

Product #1 – Fiberglass Plate insulative roof tile.


  • Fiberglass Plate roof tiles can be manufactured in the traditional flat or curved style. 
  • Molded texture color impregnated gel coat used. 
  • Insulative core material used. 
  • Roof tiles weigh approximately 270 lb. per square. 
  • Any style can be manufactured for qualified projects. 
  • Multi-color tiles will be available. 
  • Fiberglass Plate roof tiles are fire retardant.

Product #2 – Fiberglass Plate insulative panels.


  • The insulative panels will enhance the esthetics of your property for years to come.
  • They can be ordered in any color.
  • They will be manufactured in various sizes for qualified projects.
  • The panels are energy efficient.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Fiberglass World will primarily target the construction industry, and is looking to build alliances with industry leaders. Because of its exclusive status as the only company to manufacture these fiberglass products, the competition is constantly held at bay by Fiberglass World. We expect success; due to past marketing, we have evidence that Fiberglass World will be met with fervor in this lasting industry.