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Hass Irrigation Systems


Hass Irrigation Systems tailors solutions to customer’s irrigation needs. Through precision system design, Hass Irrigation Systems professionals can custom design a system that meets the customer’s landscaping needs, assuring the ultimate end result–a beautiful, green lawn.

Hass Irrigation Systems uses products from all the premier manufacturers of the irrigation industry. This provides our customers with a system that has been customized to meet all of their individual property needs. By utilizing products from all of the leading manufacturers, Hass Irrigation Systems can choose products that definitively meets our customer’s specific needs.

With these tools, the design professionals at Hass Irrigation Systems are able to design a system that can meet each and every design challenge presented. Granted, a beautiful, green lawn is the first objective of any irrigation system. But, equally important is the investment our clients have made in bedding plants, shrubbery and trees. Each has its own unique water requirement that must be taken into consideration when developing any irrigation system design. Hass Irrigation Systems knows the inherent strengths and weakness of every product manufactured today.