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Fosse Commercial Contractors LLC


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Fosse plans to market itself through a variety of methods. First, the company will use a referral system with local businesses. We will also air radio spots and publish ads in a variety of commercial construction trade magazines. In addition we will leverage our pre-existing contacts with the local real estate companies. Finally, as a member of the local construction association, we will be updated on new projects let out for bid.

Sales Plan

The most critical part of sales is not the marketing, but the bidding process, in which companies offer their designs, services, material quality, project timeline estimates, and costs. The company that offers the best combination of these variables is the most likely to get the contract. Therefore very detailed project planning, including supply agreements, labor needs, subcontractors, presentation, and other factors, is crucial for Fosse in winning contracts. We will be designing a standardized method for doing this with all our contracts, with an emphasis on quality, timeliness, and low cost to outbid our competitors.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date Who’s Responsible
Plan vs. actual review
Jan 20, 2020 Management
Plan vs. actual review
Feb 24, 2020 Management
Plan vs. acrual review
Mar 15, 2020 Management
Plan vs. actual review
Mar 24, 2020 Management
Plan vs. actual review
Apr 28, 2020 Management
Plan vs. actual review
June 23, 2020 Management

Key Metrics

Key Metrics 

  1. The number of large scale contracts per year. 
  2. New construction – we need over 50% of our business as new construction. 
  3. #of repairs – we would like to repair other’s work but we need to repair ours too.