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Fosse Commercial Contractors LLC



Ownership & Structure

Fosse is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Texas. Fosse Commercial Contractors, LLC is exclusively owned by Mr. Robert Fosse (50%) and his partner, Michael West (50%). The company is expecting to alter to a Class C corporation chartered in Texas. This will create greater investment opportunities through the acquisition of investment capital from a limited number of shareholders.

Company History

Fosse Commercial Contractors, LLC began in the Houston area when Mr. Robert Fosse, who had worked in the residental construction business for ten years began his own company, Fosse Painting and General Construction in the Houston area. For the next eight years the company grew slowly, working mostly on small scale residential projects while gaining a reputation for quality services and reliability. Then the original company was merged with another small-scale local company, West General Contractors and the company began to bid successfully for larger projects. The company maintains a General Contractor’s license in the state of Texas.

The company’s management came to the conclusion that the firm had grown sufficiently to alter its primary target market from the residential construction segment to the higher margin office and commercial construction segment. The company plans to implement this change by the middle of 2004.

Past Performance


Management Team

Fosse’s management consists of Mr. Robert Fosse and Mr. David West. Mr. Fosse will concentrate on client contacts and bidding along with overall management of the company. Mr. West will be the company’s General Project Manager, coordinating all project management and concentrating on cost controls, suppliers, day-to-day project supervision, labor relations, etc. Mrs. Janet Fosse will be our office manager, handling client satisfaction,invoicing, permitting, and general book keeping. Most of our labor needs will be met through Contractor-Temps a nationwide temporary labor company.

The company is planning to expand it personnel to add a number of job superintendents as soon as the number of projects increases. These superintendents will have the following duties:

  • Direct supervision of all work at the job site.
  • Quality control.
  • Scheduling subcontractors and material deliveries.
  • Verifying and insuring that all work is done in accordance with plans.
  • Insuring that all work is performed in accordance with all OSHA guidelines.

In addition, as business increases, we will hire additional job superintendents and project managers as needed.

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
CEO $42,000 $42,840 $43,697
Project Manager $42,000 $42,840 $43,697
Office Manager $26,400 $26,928 $27,467
Temporary Contractors (6.67) $129,600 $132,192 $179,784
Job Supervisor (0.33) $24,000