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Godsend Concierge Service

Management Summary

Godsend Concierge Services is owned and operated by Taylor Gogetter. It will be formed as a sole proprietorship. There is no a compelling need to incorporate. The advantage of incorporation would be limited liability, the disadvantage would be the set costs and maintenance (double taxation). An extensive insurance policy should cover any liability GCS is exposed to.

Taylor Gogetter, founder and owner, has a degree in philosophy from Washington and Jefferson College. Taylor spent four years after college managing a retail bicycle shop. As manager, one of Taylor’s principle responsibilities was attending to customer needs. While 40% of his time was devoted to the administrative details to running the company, 60% of the time was dealing with customers, assessing their needs and delivering a service that exceeded their expectations.

Taylor also spent two years guiding hiking trips of 12-18 people through the Alps on two-week trips. In this experience, Taylor spent 30% of his time accomplishing administrative tasks with the remainder 70% spent addressing the needs of the customers.

Prior to these experiences, Taylor opened and operated his own Sealcoating business. Taylor was able to develop close relationships with customers and was awarded jobs based on his superior services.

These experiences, taken as a whole, provide Taylor with a wealth of practical knowledge to develop a high quality service organization. Taylor’s recognition that it requires time and money to properly train employees is essential to the prosperity of GCS, as the employee will be the interface that the client deals with.

Personnel Plan

The staff will consist of Taylor working full-time for GCS. We will hire one full-time employee at $9 per hour in month five, a second full-time employee in month seven, and a third in month 12. GCS has decided to compensate its employees at $9, which is a fair amount above minimum wage. This wage rate was chosen to attract a higher-quality employee than what minimum wage typically attracts, it will also increase employee morale, and decrease turnover. This is important as, after month five, it will be the employees who are representing GCS and there is a need to exceed the clients expectations every time. GCS will provide an extensive employee training program on an ongoing basis. GCS is cognizant that it costs far more to train a new employee relative to maintain a current employee.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Payroll $39,461 $82,992 $98,000
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 1 1 1
Total Payroll $39,461 $82,992 $98,000