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Twin Brothers Construction

Web Plan Summary

Although TBC plans to use traditional advertising methods to reach potential customers, the owners feel that the Internet has become a valuable resource for customers to find out about the company and for the company to promote its services to prospective customers. The construction industry was slower to join the Internet bandwagon compared to other types of businesses. But now, many local contractors and building suppliers have websites.

The cost to create a website has been included in start-up costs, with website maintenance costs included in our ongoing expenses. The initial website will have basic contact information and background about the company owners. Later, it will show information about current projects as well as completed projects as examples of what the company can do. Once the building materials portion of the business is well established, the website will expand to include an online store. At this point in the business plan, there are no estimates for the cost of this expansion and it will need to be researched and planned for more thoroughly at a later point.

It will take time before the initial cost outlay for the website will pay for itself in potential customers, but once established, it will provide a cost-effective way to communicate to new and existing customers.

We will mention our website address as part of our other advertising media.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

We hope to be able to secure links to our website from the local city and chamber of commerce websites as well as local construction-related websites that we can affiliate with.

6.2 Development Requirements

We will contract with a Website developer to initially design the look and information provided on the website. Our initial cost for this design also includes the first six months of website maintenance by the website developer. In October, we plan to hire a technician with experience in website maintenance to troubleshoot and maintain the Website internally.

Once the business has progressed, we will either increase this person’s hours from temporary to a full-time position, or we will hire a second temporary technical position to assist in the re-design and expansion of the website. Our long-term goal is to have an online store for the sale of building materials and components.