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Twin Brothers Construction

Products and Services

TBC will sell its services to clients in the area of commercial construction and renovation. The company’s staff will design specialized construction drawings that outline the schedule, work sequence and the materials needed for building and renovation construction projects. Owners, developers and general contractors will realize substantial savings in labor and material costs by using TBC’s customized performance methods. TBC’s methods will offer complete adaptability at cost-effective prices. The drawings that the company will furnish to the contractor will specify the order of assembly and erection, including the location of the strongbacks and joists, the location and actual loading of the ties, location of accessories and advise clients of the maximum allowable rate of concrete placement.

A longer-term service will be commercial building rental management. This will include the purchase of commercial building sites or existing buildings that need renovation, coordinating the construction/renovation, then managing the rental of the property. The company will also be looking for existing property owners whose properties need renovation to update and increase its income potential, with TBC eventually taking over the management of these properties on behalf of the owner. 

To enter the market with minimum overhead costs, TBC plans to utilize in the first year of operation mainly sub-contractors and independent experts for its building and renovation projects.

Accident prevention will be the cornerstone of TBC’s safety commitment. The company will strive to eliminate foreseeable hazards which could result in personal injury or illness; at TBC, health and safety will not be compromised.