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JTB Industrial Sales

Products and Services

JTB’s Industrial Sales Division will provide industrial, commercial, military and governmental procurement clients with specialty and general industrial products and services. What makes JTB Industrial Sales unique in this market is our technical abilities to work closely with our clients engineering needs while also providing the outsourced services to reduce the clients production, maintenance, and safety costs involved with daily operations. JTB’s Industrial Sales Division will offer the following industrial goods: Tools, Specialty made to print items (ie., Machined components, items requiring project management and sub-contracted items), Safety products, Raw materials (ie., metals and hard metal products), and MRO maintenance repair items.

This will be accomplished in the following ways:

  1. Provide quality Industrial products to fulfill our clients production needs.
  2. Provide expertise in our field and become a recognized source of trusted quality products.
  3. Market nearly 300,000 products to these clients via an extensive catalog offering.
  4. Stock the demanded essentials required to fulfill our clients needs.
  5. Be available on extended hours of operation to process late in the day orders.
  6. Keep detailed records for repeat orders.
  7. Offer a quality secondary services program to service our clients after-sales needs.
  8. Seek out specialty products and services to set us apart from the competitors.

3.1 Product and Service Description

JTB’s Industrial Sales will offer the industrial buyer a unique purchasing environment allowing the buyer to easily purchase industrial related products and services. Our distributorship will remain flexible to allow the business to adapt to our clients purchasing needs.

Traditionally, industrial distributorships have offered many of the same lines available from most suppliers, with JTB’s advanced network of suppliers, we will provide most standard lines and many specialty lines, Our unique mix of services capabilities and short delivery times to our clients will make for a solid value based purchase for our clients. Our Products and Services Division will be equipped to make custom tools going to JTB’s industrial clients putting our services ahead of the competition while reducing costs to the customer.

Flexibility, with a solid mix of catalog items to compete against the larger catalog houses, a quality offering of industry recognized branded products, and our offering of custom engineering and alteration services.  JTB Industrial Sales can cover all of the requirements for the small manufacturer up to the much larger corporation requiring system contract bids or EDI options.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Presently in the local Louisiana market there are some well structured long standing industrial distributors in the marketplace, also there is a mix of national distributorships and catalog houses offering direct purchasing. In general, none of them provide the right mix of stocking capabilities mixed with a special services offering. Most can offer additional services to the clients, but the costs of outsourcing can really add up. In some cases shipping alone can add up to 40% in unnecessary additional costs as the distributor ships out a product to a specialty house, and the specialist return ships the distributor, and then finally a delivery or shipment is made to the client.

In our offering of products and services, we will have a very good inventory selection on hand stocking everything from new tools, used tools, raw materials, to actually manufacturing specialty items per print. Additionally, we can provide engineering help to our clients offering over 25 years of related applications experience.

Operating with all of our services under one roof greatly reduces logistical problems, reduces costs and speeds the delivery process to the client offering our capabilities locally, and nationally making JTB Industrial a better value.

3.3 Fulfillment

JTB’s Industrial Sales Division will purchase goods and services for resale from many sources throughout the U.S.
Our distributor relationships with our quality suppliers will be seen and used as a key factor in our sales process. As we represent manufacturers at our various clients, we can add many years of machining and engineering background to our sales process. An order could be as simple as filling a customer requirement for a specified manufacturers EDP number, to getting faxes with requests to provide specialty products for the manufacturer to complete manufacturing process.

Our selection of manufacturing partners will provide a secondary line of fulfillment for specialty products and services as well.. Additionally, our mix of nearly 300,000 industrial and safety products available through our catalog offering will allow us to compete against the much larger catalog suppliers.

3.4 Technology

JTB will develop its own P.C.-based sales and marketing help systems for its employees to use during the sales process additionally, our applications will have extensions to our Internet sites to aid the customer relations and sales process.

Our goals are to have extensive in-house Web development capabilities via our business development technologies division. Plans for multiple industrial portals for our advertising needs, and custom sales applications for licensing. Using our distributorship as the sales model, we will create special Web based applications to bring our online sales environment to our local and national customers.

3.4.1 Future Products and Services

As management comes from a distribution /service provider background, JTB will from the day it opens its doors have nearly 90% of the same capabilities as other distributorships in terms of resale capabilities. Capabilities that likely have taken them many years to create. In addition to our products, our services offering will also be a turn-key situation via our industrial products and services divisions capabilities, acting from day one like it has been up and running for many years.

Management brings with it the capabilities to do this, while also creating a profitable environment by creating and offering secondary services to match our clients needs as their needs change. Our future products and services are limited only to our own capacity, and our manufacturing partners capabilities and capacity in terms of future growth.

JTB Industrial Sales will keep pace with our clients needs on a continual basis anticipating their needs wherever possible while researching product alternatives to replace older technology.