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Coffeehouse Business Plan

Web Plan Summary

We plan to expand the functionality of our website so that it becomes a substantial revenue stream for Dark Roast Java.

Although we've projected modest sales because of the difficulty in predicting online sales activity, we believe the potential exists for Internet sales to become a substantial percentage of our revenue.

We will sell a number of items at our website, including:

  • Whole beans
  • Tea
  • Cocoa mixes
  • Chocolates
  • Gift baskets
  • Gift items
  • Art glass

We will sell a variety of high design stained glass, glass artwork and accessories featured in our coffeehouses by establishing ourselves as an agent for the artist/manufacturers. We will process the order and the artist will fulfill it. In this way we provide exposure and additional sales activity for the artists, and Dark Roast Java creates an additional revenue stream that could become substantial over time.

Special downloadable offers good at the retail stores will be posted from time to time on the website.

Eventually, customers will be able to reload their Dark Roast Java Card online so they can use it in lieu of cash or credit when they make purchases.

The website will also function as an online "brochure" for both the Dark Roast Java quality story as well as enable visitors to "see" our retail store, get directions and maps, see our menu and find out about special events.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

All communications materials will include the Dark Roast Java website address. For the media, an online press kit will be available which will include downloadable photos, PR releases, stories of interest, testimonials, bios of key management and reproduceable logos.

Special PR will promote our gift basket business and the sale of our upscale design glass artworks.

We will host online "events" for our customers. For example, a visiting author may go online to chat with visitors to our website. Or we may support a charities' fund-raising activities. This will provide us with opportunities for media coverage.

Eventually, when more stores are opened, the website will function as a means of internal communication through a password-protected area. Here, company rules, health department regulations, news, chat, "live" internal announcements and virtual meetings will take place.

In-store Internet computing

An appealing customer feature at Dark Roast Java will be two Internet access stations with 17" monitors. These will enable people to access the Internet while at the store. The price for this access hasn't been set yet but will be approximately $15 an hour with some fractional division rate structure at 15-minute intervals (perhaps $5 for every quarter hour). The Dark Roast Java website home page will be the always-on start page for the monitors.

The Internet stations enable customers to check their email or access websites for business, study or travel information.

Internet access is provided more as a customer service than a revenue source. Although it will return a profit, the amount is difficult to determine now and so it hasn't been factored into the P&L.

Our best estimate is that the two stations will be on for a total of four hours daily, producing $1,800 a month in gross revenue ($21,600 annually minus approximately $1,000 for the basic fee plus the percentage of sales).

6.2 Development Requirements

Dark Roast Java plans to employ a graphic designer and back-end user interface technical developer to create our simple, classy, yet Internet focused site.

The maintenance of the site will be done by contracted outside consultants. As the website is expanded and improved, future development may include items such as tracking, newsletters, down-loadable menus, a coffee "chat" room and user Web pages. A technical resource may need to be contracted to build the trackable download and the newsletter capabilities.

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