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Dark Roast Java sells high-quality specialty coffee beverages, tea, juice, water, soft drinks, pastries, chocolates and gift items. Despite being an upscale coffeehouse, our prices are in line with the leading national chains.

3.1 Vendors

  • Coffee roasting is provided by Grizzly Mountain Coffee Company, Pleasantville.
  • Tea is primarily supplied by Harney & Sons Tea, Connecticut.
  • Our water vendor is Crystal Geyser, St. Helena, CA
  • Juices are provided by Longhorn Orchards, Corpus Cristi, TX (fresh orange juice and lemonade) and Genesis Juice, Eugene, OR
  • Pastries are provided by local Pleasantville companies such as D'Angelo's Bakery, Pleasantville Biscotti and Pleasantville Cheesecake.
  • Chocolates and cocoa are from Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, San Francisco, Bellagio, Los Angeles and Black Forest Chocolates, Arnold, CA
  • Gift items are from various vendors
  • Soft drinks are provided by Sprecher's Brewery, Milwaukee, WI, and Thomas Kemper Soda, Seattle, WA

3.2 The Dark Roast Java Menu

The Dark Roast Java menu sets us apart from other coffeehouses, giving us a competitive edge.

  • We offer six groups of drinks—coffee, tea, Italian sodas, smoothies, juice and cocoa—with several choices within each group. This enables us to provide more variety than our competitors while keeping the preparation of the drinks easy to execute.

  • We are taking advantage of the immense popularity of flavored drinks and Chai tea by offering a product mix that includes items the other coffeehouses don't carry as well as more familiar drinks.

  • We are the only coffeehouse to have a wide range of gourmet hot cocoa.

  • Dark Roast Java offers several smoothie drinks and Italian sodas.

  • We carry the highest quality fresh juices.

Prices have been determined after a thorough analysis of all food costs for every item in each drink. In some cases, an average price has been calculated and applied to all similar drinks in order to keep the menu from confusing the customer.

3.2.1 Coffee and Espresso Drinks


Coffees of the day:  Dark Roast Java Blend, Riviera Roast, and Molokai Swiss water process DeCaf.

$1.60 Regular  $1.85 Large


EspressoA double shot of straight espresso.$1.75 Double
Caffe AmericanoEspresso combined with hot water, a gourmet brewed coffee.$1.85$2.25
CappuccinoEspresso with a smooth topping of milk foam.$2.50$3.50
Caffe Latte Espresso combined with steamed milk, topped with a small amount of velvety milk foam.$2.75$3.25
Caffe Mocha A Caffe Latte combined with Ghirardelli chocolate, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.$3.00$3.75
Espresso MacchiatoA straight shot of espresso topped with a spoonful of rich milk foam.$1.75$2.50
Espresso Con PannaA straight shot of espresso topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream.$1.75$2.50
Espresso Latte BreveOur famous latte made even more creamy with half and half.$2.50$3.50
Espresso "Red Eye"Espresso combined with our gourmet coffee of the day to get your day going.$2.00$2.75


The Banana Nut Java

Coffee. Warm milk. Banana, macadamia nut and vanilla syrups. Topped with whipped cream and cinnamon dusting.

The Cafe MilanoCoffee. Warm milk. Amaretto and vanilla syrups topped with whipped cream and almonds.$2.75$3.75

All flavored drinks feature quality Monin and Ghirardelli syrups.

Vanilla CappuccinoCappuccino made with vanilla flavored milk foam.$2.50$3.50
Vanilla LatteA Caffe Latte with vanilla essence added.$3.00$4.25
White Chocolate LatteEspresso, white chocolate flavoring and steamed milk topped with velvety foam and white chocolate shavings.$3.00$4.25
The 50/50 LatteEspresso. Vanilla and orange syrups, steamed milk and whipped cream topping.$3.00$4.25
The Raspberry Mocha LatteCoffee. Raspberry and chocolate syrups. Half and half. Whipped cream topping.$3.25$4.50
Chai LatteEspresso. Chai. Steamed milk and whipped cream.$3.00$4.25

All hot cocoa drinks are $2.75


French Vanilla Cocoa

Hot cocoa with vanilla and whipped cream.
White Chocolate CocoaHot cocoa with white chocolate and whipped cream.
Chocolate Truffle CocoaRich dark hot cocoa with whipped cream topping.
Holiday Spice CocoaRich hot cocoa and holiday spices. Topped with whipped cream.
Peppermint CocoaRich chocolate and refreshing peppermint. Topped with whipped cream.
OvaltineOvaltine Chocolate Malt and milk.

All smoothies are $3.75

The Espresso Chocolate MaltA chocolate malt for grownups.
The Double Dutch Chocolate SmoothieVery chocolatey!
The Mocha SmoothieAn all-time favorite.
The Vanilla SmoothieRich natural vanilla flavor.
50/50 Smoothie (Orange and Vanilla)A 50's favorite.

3.2.2 Teas


Classic American Iced Tea, just like you remember as a kid.
$1.50 Small, $1.75 Medium, $2.00 Large

$1.50 Regular

  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Peppermint
  • Herb Apricot
  • Earl Grey Lavender
  • Darjeeling
  • Formosa Oolong
  • Golden Flowers Herbal
  • Herbal Lemon
  • Tropical Green

CHAI TEAS (hot or ice blended)

Chai Original (regular or decaf):    $2.00 Regular  $3.00 Large

Vanilla Chai:     $2.00 Small $2.50 Medium  $3.00 Large

3.2.3 Juices

Fresh squeezed orange juiceExclusively from Longhorn Orchards, Corpus Cristi, TX$1.50$2.75

Old-fashioned Lemonade

Made fresh daily from Pleasant County lemons.$1.50$2.75
Genesis JuiceProtein Boost, Green Machine, Mango and Guava.$2.95
Martinelli's Apple Juice (regular and sparkling)A San Francisco favorite.$2.00
Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze$2.50

3.2.4 Italian Sodas

Sparkling spring water, flavoring and ice. Blended or on the rocks.

Medium $1.50,  $2.25 Large

  • Orange Soda
  • Strawberry Soda
  • Lemon Soda
  • Cherry Soda
  • Raspberry Soda
  • Cream Soda (made with half & half)
  • Peach Soda
  • Kiwi Soda
  • Melon
  • Apple

All $1.75 Regular, $2.50 Large

The Dreamsicle SodaSparkling spring water, ice, half and half, vanilla and mandarin orange syrups.
Cherry Vanilla SodaSprite, ice, cherry and vanilla syrups.
The Chocolate SodaOur version of an egg cream.

3.2.5 Other Drinks

Geyser Peak Natural Spring WaterFrom Northern California mountain springs.$1.25
Soft drinks from Sprecher's, Stewart's and Thomas Kemper.Root beer, Orange Cream, Ginger Ale, Vanilla Cream and Key Lime.$1.50
Crystal Geyser Tejava Tea$2.50

RockStar Energy Drink

Orangina Citrus Drink



3.2.6 Snacks and Pastries

Pleasantville Cheesecake, made just for us by Pleasantville Cheesecake Company.$2.00
Fresh scones, hot from the oven.$1.75
Blueberry Muffins$2.00
Black Forest chocolate-covered espresso beans$4.00
Best Ever Bakery Fancy Cookies$1.75

3.2.7 Deli Items

Sandwiches:  Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham and Salami.$6.75

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