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The Daily Perc



Ownership & Structure

The Daily Perc is a Limited Liability Corporation. All membership shares are currently owned by Bart and Teresa Fisher, with the intent of using a portion of the shares to raise capital.

The organization will be a relatively flat one since the majority of personnel are involved in production and there will be a relatively low headcount in management. 


Management Team

The Daily Perc is a relatively flat organization. Overhead for management will be kept to a minimum and all senior managers will be "hands-on" workers. There is no intention of having a top-heavy organization that drains profits and complicates decisions.

Management Team

The Daily Perc has selected Mr. Barton Fisher to perform the duties of the chief operating officer. Bart has a highly entrepreneurial spirit and has already started a company from scratch (NetCom Services, Inc.) that ran in the black within three months of inception, and paid off all initial debt within six months. Upon leaving NSI in April 2001, the company had again paid off all debt and was running a profit monthly. Combine his experience, leadership, and desire with three years of research in specialty drinks and drive-thru service, and TDP knows that Bart is the individual who will get the company out of the gate and up to full speed for a long time to come.

Ms. Mary Jamison has been selected to fulfill the position of bookkeeper and office manager. Mary has been the business administrator of Jones International, Inc. for the past four years. Jones is a $4 million company that retails vitamins and other betterment products. Over those four years, Mary has written numerous corporate policies and directed the financial reporting and reconciliation. The Daily Perc considers Mary to be a great addition to the team when she becomes available in November. Until that time, she will be working with Mr. Fisher on a part-time basis to help establish the corporate accounts and policies.

Mr. Tony Guy has been selected to perform the duties of corporate events coordinator on a part time basis. Mr. Guy has over five years in the business-to-business sales realm. Last year he was responsible for over $250,000 in sales of promotional material to corporate and educational clients.

Mr. Chuck McNulty has been selected to fulfill the position of warehouse/trailer manager. Chuck has been working for Nabisco, Inc. as a service representative for over ten years. His experience in account services, merchandising, and inventory control is a welcome addition to The Daily Perc team. Chuck will use his knowledge in conjunction with the rest of the team to establish inventory and warehouse policies. The warehouse manager is responsible for handling the inventory of all products sold by The Daily Perc. Some merchandising experience is a welcome addition. Training in the First In First Out (FIFO) style of inventory control is a requirement. Also, knowledge of ergonomics and health issues would be important. Chuck’s domain will be the headquarters, the trailers, and the drive-thrus–ensuring that minimum and maximum inventories are maintained. Working with the mobile and drive-thru Baristas will be integral to his task as well.

Management Team Gaps

The Daily Perc knows that it is going to require several quality-management team members over the next three years, beginning with a district manager for every four Drive-thrus. This person will oversee the quality of the product, the training of the Baristas, the inventory management, and customer satisfaction. Ideally, as The Daily Perc grows, it will be able to promote from within for this position. This individual will be responsible for the operation of up to four drive-thrus under his/her management. They will be required to visit between locations and possibly even join administrative personnel on training or marketing travel. Clearly, as the need arises, these individuals will ideally be selected from the Mobile Cafe or Drive-Thru team.

By the beginning of the third year, The Daily Perc will hire three key senior managers. They are as follows: a chief financial officer, a chief information officer, and a director of marketing. The role of each of these individuals will be discussed in subsequent sections of this plan.


Personnel Table

2018 2019 2020
Drive Thru team (8.89) $288,000 $352,512 $539,340
COO $57,600 $58,752 $59,927
Website developers (1.67) $60,000 $122,400 $124,848
Mobile Team (2.06) $44,800 $78,336 $119,853
Inventory Clerks (1.67) $68,544 $104,871
Bookkeeper / Office admin (1.33) $42,000 $42,840 $87,394